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I am an avid walker and loved being abled to keep track of the hundreds of kilometets I log until I had difficulty transferring my history to my new phone!! I spent so much time trying everything I could think of and followed directions Perfect!

This app used to work great and was very motivating, but the past weeks have not been tracking mileage well. After a 27 minute walk today it said I'd only gone .15 mile and burned 14 calories. The app at one time said I was walking 2.5 mph, but at the end of my walk said .5 mph. Seems like it's no longer being supported. Omg

This is a Great App but how do you Exit without Force Closing it? Stays in my notification Bar. Is there an Exit! Shutting Down does not removed Notification. Only a Forced Stop Flawless

I've been using this app for YEARS, but as other users have stated, many things are missing that used to be here. I really don't care about the social media aspect, but for about a week or two the widget that showed how many calories you've burned over the last 7 days went missing. I loved it to help keep me motivated. Please at least bring that back! Awesome

I am searching for an app to track my biking and running that is: 1. Accurate 2. Easy to use 3. Allows adding workouts 4. Keeps a history Based on my experience during last few weeks this app fullfills items 3 and 4, needs some work on item 2, and is not accurate at all. I watched the screen today and the pace kept flipping between 12 and 6 minutes per kilometer within a few seconds and several times. This is unfortunate as I was hoping for the best. Deinstalling. My search continues... Go well

Been using this for years and still loving it. Ability to export and import is much appreciated. There are a lot more options now, but o really like the "How Far" view that lets you see how far you have gone in total on a world map. Not a big social media person, so those features in other apps don't appeal to me. Biggest thing I would love to see is to allow another person (my wife) to see my track and real time location Brilliant

Great app, but buggy. gps diaplays correctly on the map, but apps says gps cant be determined and wont show the trail or any statistics. rebooted, then gps trail shows up, but at a different scale/zoom than what i ran. Wish they would work out the kinks bc its annoying when you want to track your goals. Well done!!

I don't think this app has been updated in years & is not as social as it used to be, but I still use it and love it. I recommend it still. It's the only fitness app I have stuck with. Does everything I need it to! Love it. Great!

I think instead of saying you lost 3 strawberries compare it to a fatty food e.g. you lost one chocolate bar. Works great

Love it! Been using it for a couple of years and a lot of fun. Despite using the various settings, it does sometimes fail to restart after a rest which can be a bit annoying when you get home and pnly the outward walk has registered. would still recommend it though. 5 star

Have used it for a couple years and love it. So disappointed that the developer can no longer support the app. They've done a great job Fantastic

It is really useful and helps me to keep interest in gym session.. Thanksss a ton from SUNNY Good

I used to find the medals were really useful however for some reason the widget no longer works and I can't download it! Also, sometimes workouts just disappear mid hike or walk and at the end it hasn't recorded. I do love the app for ease of use and the map which can log a run or walk for future reference. Just a bit glitchy nowadays. Could it be the new phone? Galaxy S6? Flawless

Why discontinue? I have been use it since 3 years ago, so far this is the best calorie apps. Pretty good

Simple Bit So Effective! I just wanted an app that charted where and how far I ran/cycled as well as how long it took me. Sadly, many others kept shutting down on my Oppo F1S, apparently due to the unavoidably robust inbuilt battery saving feature of the phone. Thankfully, Cardio Trainer kept working throughout my ride. Don't know if it was due to the integrated music player but it works so thank you Cardio Trainer! Go well

Works great for my simple use I've been using this app for more than a year on 2 different phones. I've only used it for walking. I like that it can show me a continuously updated map of my track. It gives me the statistics I'm interested in: distance, speed, time, steps, calories. No problems with all the features I used. Worth a go!

Awesome app but need update. Updated now. Back to 5 stars.... No more updates from the team. Need online access to view data need on account. If you can't keep up with update, I can help you to develop. Will hate to let this app go away. Works great

Great simple program, sorry they disc. I used to regularly use the data download feature that was included with cardio trainer before they abandoned development and closed the web storage of data. Still, I keep coming back to this because of its small footprint and the fact that it uses stride length to calc steps and calories instead of extrapolating it from height like other apps do. I just want to track my walks and not have an app trying to coach me or make it social. Seems more accurate for calorie calc than others. Marvelous

The best app until the discontinuous of support. I reported error on this app and here is the reply: "Thank you so much for using Cardio Trainer. As you may have noticed, our Cardio Trainer website had to be taken down as we weren't able to maintain it at the level we would've liked. It is for this same reason that we are unable to merge Cardio Trainer accounts, because we have discontinued supporting the app." Great job

Used to be very good. Now it stinks This used to be my favourite app.. thanks for adding backup/export.. can we please get Bluetooth HRM support Back? I have Pro and it's no longer there Worth it!

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