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Overall the game is great! I just wish there was head to head multiplayer... also please add new items to unlock other than cards and heros it kinda getting boring. Also if its possibe add ranked tournaments or just special tournaments that you can enter for free once then pay gold to enter again, winner gets a prize! Worth a go!

Not at all glitchy; runs real smoothly on my device. Haven't encountered problems with it so far, except for that one missing quest from the Magic Man level. The heart meter isn't a problem at all. You just have to use them wisely and save them up for the heart quests when you're about to run out! (The meter will refill completely once you beat the heart/boss quest). I didn't find the need to spend another cent on gems and such, but I did buy the Fionna and Cake expansion; you get a lot of awesome cards there! The fun I get out of this game is definitely worth the money I paid for. Fabulous!

MAJOR HEARTBREAK I put so much time and money into this game and now I have to uninstall it and never get to play it again because it makes my phone crash all the time and takes up way too much space on my phone so I can't update my other important applications like 360 security. I would really like my money back that I spent when I bought this game. Superb!

I love the game! Bought it a long time ago and was hesitant to play since I wasn't sure as to whether or not I'd like it. After getting into the Adventure Time series i decided to give the game a go and would have to say that it's great! My only complaints are one, it keeps randomly crashing and two, sometimes the card thing st the bottom freezes and doesn't allow me to place my cards. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Maybe I need to redownload? Works perfectly

This game is so much fun. You do not need to spend a lot of time on it to feel progress and it gets rewarding once you have actually put a little bit of effort into it. They've also added all the characters and their voices which I find very cool. I disagree with the people saying the daily spin is rigged. I'd just not title it as a spin but a percentage of chances for each thing it gives. I did get unique rewards out of it so. I wish there was a cloud save. Pretty good

Big Bad Bug! Please fix this! Amazing game, but if one player doesn't place any creatures in the first round, the game gets stuck. It doesn't freeze, but nothing happens, and you just get stuck watching nothing happening. I was on a 10 winning streak in the black card tournament, but my opponent didn't place any creatures in the first round, so I had to surrender just to exit the battle. Very frustrating, please fix! Superb!

Good but This game is great only problem is the game freezes time to time and can't get past Gunter mission on Fiona and cake missions screen just goes black. Game also freezes when a creature isn't placed down either yours or your opponents therefore you have to quit. Tried commenting on the site and they just blocked my comment. Must have

A bug When the enemy has no creatures in the field to defend, the app sometimes just stops and you can't do anything other then quit and waste hearts. Really annoying. But other than that good game. Amazing!

Great game, Loved The creatures and the gameplay! Just please fix an issue please. I try to go on it and 90 percent of the tie it kicks me off and say unfortunately card wars has stopped. I played Good money for this game and I don't want it to be a waste. I'm on a Samsung tab e by the way Fabulous!

Would give five... I played for about two weeks and then gave up. You have to get rid of all your good characters just to play and I've only got to the guy version of marceline ( I forgot his name lol) to fix this allow to get more spaces for characters cuz this really sucks right now Great job

Great game. It's has this infuriating bug where in some cases when your opponent doesn't play a monster or attack, the game will freeze and my only option is to restart the game, loosing all of the hearts I put into the battle. love it

Great BUT... All in all, I love this game but it has flaws. Why does the tournament doesn't recognize that I already have 16 trophies? In my standing, it says there that I only have 1. I should be at rank 20 but instead I'm in rank 83. Can you fix this? Please. I want to obtain the black card even though the guy who's ranked first is obviously an expert. Haha. Thank you. EDIT: The ranking restarts. Hahaha. Thank you. Great Game. Just wow

Loved it but glitches are annoying I've played this game for a week now and it's a pretty awesome game. Although I came across a glitch that was very irritating to me. I understand you get damaged when you don't have any more deck cards based on your level, but I received too much damaged that was not equivalent to my level which instantly killed me. It was very annoying that I didn't get to keep the rewards which was a lot of gold and x3 3 star chests. Pls fix this Great!

I loved it I loved it I loved it. I thank everyone who has been involved to create this amazing game. Adventure time card wars has changed my way of entertainment, it has got to be the best game on planet Earth! The only digital card games I used to play was solitaire and snap but now I can play on Adventure time card wars instead. It is fantastically adictve, once you start playing the game you absolutely cannot take your eyes of your screen. Well done Omg

Very fun, high-quality and super addicting game. However, it has two major flaws: 1) agressive use of free-to-play mechanics though its NOT FREE; 2) no real multiplayer, you can just compete against a cpu holding a real player's deck. Otherwise, it's really great. Well done!!

Addicting, fun, strategical. Better than other games this game is played by the true strategical geniuses. You could probably be the next ultimate hero? BUT THIS GAME NEEDS AN UPDATE + the arena mode rn isn't working, it has been computing the results for ages (like literally months on end) "slam bam in a can, choose goose is currently tallying the results, come back in a few" <this quote always makes me kinda angry Enjoy it!

Every gap in my life is filled. I cant believe it not only can you play it on ya phone but at home as well. I was bored but now I'm not. Card wars is awsome I dont like it I love it in fact it's fantasticle awsome and coooool one of my best card game on play store. Love marceline Brilliant

Daily reward. I have been playing this game for a while now. It is fun to play, but... some things like only good cards are from chests bought with gems. Now there are two ways to get these is to buy them with cash. The other is the daily reward. Only the daily reward is rigged... see i have been playing daily to get this spin at a chance to get gems. A month....daily.....spinning this thing. Every time it is hearts or 10,000 coins.(enuf to buy the crappy chest) will change my rate to 5 if i ever get a gem.... Worth it!

10/10 Best card game I've played yet! To the people who say this is a "play to win"game are wrong you put in the effort to get the gems for free for 3 starring a level to open chests. People are just too freaking lazy nowadays. Good job devs great game:-) Flawless

Great concept Game is very addicting, good time killer. However, a pay for play shouldn't have to wait for hearts to refill in order to use the game. Also for a paid game there are a lot of bugs. Game freezes frequently in the middle of play, so you'll lose hearts and play time. Also don't like gem system, when you earn all the gems the only way to get more is to buy them. Must have

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