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If I try to open a file and my internet connection briefly goes out, that file becomes unavailable even when when the internet connection comes back. I have to go in my apps and clear the cache. Great!

This app is missing a few features only available on the web interface. Other than that, I love this app! It's nicely designed and helps me stay on top of things. Superb!

Very easy to use. Fast and convenient as well. I only use it to check my grades but it's still very useful! Would recommend to anyone that uses canvas Omg

I love using this app. It's very convenient, not to mention you could do some of the assignments through the app..!!! 5 star

Just very helpful and easy to use. All your grades and courses are at your finger tips. Love it! Surprisingly

I love that it's all on one page .the mail course modules, everything is on what one page but it also teaches you how to search and apply the content you need. Highly Recommend.

Just updated 3/25 and the interface is MUCH better than before. One improvement I'd like would be to be able to choose which destination I'd like to reach per class (ie discussions, modules, grades) from the starting dashboard without having to go to the class, opening the dropdown list, and then selecting it. Big improvement, though. I will need to check on the discussions before commenting on that. Perfect

This app is good if all you need is to see the details/ requirements of assignments, view your grades, our see due dates. But for people in real life, you can't move around in the app to gather information for your posts and then come back to add that information to a draft you've already started. I cannot open links to constellation ebooks, and most other links posted by the instructor. Don't be fooled!Downloading the Ashford app won't do you any good either. It has the same issues Worth a go!

This app is perfect!! I've had no problems at all. All the recently added information is always there and correct. Everything pops up nice and smoothly no matter what I click on. I receive my assignments and messages with no problem, and I can submit all my homework assignments without a problem too!!! Thank you for such a Great App!!! Awesome Job!!! Recommend

The UI isn't very intuitive but take a few minutes to really learn what every button does and you'll be fine. There might also be an orientation for learning just that but I didn't look into it. Pretty good

Absolutely love this app! Gives me notifications when my grade changes, when assignments are coming up,and if there is an announcement from the teacher. I love that I can email my teachers from here too. All around great app! Perfect!

I love that I can do everything on my phone! Came through in a time crunch several times! Amazing!

Thank you for creating this app! Im a full time working mom who went back to school and this is so useful for someone always on the go like me, thank you! Go well

Canvas is truly amazing! I love the structure and size of the font. It is amazing to note that the font for characters in the mobile app can't be adjusted. It seems like it is already preset. I feel canvas should try to make modifications to the home screen tabs... Users should be ablr to choose what they want to see on their landing page and not having it fixed to "list of classes". Overall, good app! Muito bom!

Great for teacher and student communication. Like Edmodo, but a bit more complicated. Great app! Cool

I've really liked the convenience of having it on my phone and tablet, and it's easy to navigate. My only issue is when I'm trying to do a discussion board and I try to paste something onto it, the app totally shuts down and I loose my discussion everytime! I'm sure it's just a bug, but this makes me have to pull my laptop out and find WiFi to redo what I've already done a million times on my phone, thus loosing its convenience. Please fix soon. I use this app all the time and would rather not have to stop. Brilliant

The app is convenient for me because I'm on the go all day and carrying my laptop can be a hassle. Unfortunately it crashes every time I try to paste in my discussion board. My instructor tell us to use word to help spell check and keep a work count, but when I copy my paragraph Canvas just won't let me paste it in without crashing. Edit: updates were made and the app no longer crashes. Thank you. Omg

Good app, updated regularly, have had a few issues with lag and freezing but rarely so it's not a bother. My only issue is actually with the widget, would give 5 stars no problem if it would show my notifications and update as posted. Muito bom!

My teachers only post on the calendar!! Now i cant veiw my stuff. Also the stream wont update even when i scroll up to refresh. I send feedback to canvas and no update!!!! I love the IOS app but this one sucks!!!!!! Dont even bother if your teachers post on the calendar!! Cool

This app is a great way to track all your teachers assignments, see your grades, and turn in work. In class I don't even use my computer any more just my phone. Super quick and easy. I just love it! love it

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