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This is one of the best solitaire apps I've played. Something fun to do when you want to relax. Superb!

Pocahontas. I like this game, it has some ads but that comes with the game. Go on and download. Not bad

Terrific relaxing game but at the same time makes me think and keeps me focussed. Recommend

Just to take away the ads is worth giving you 5 stars,love the game one of my favorite Recommend

It makes u give it all 5stars so that u cam get rid.of the ads in all reality its polly like 3stars Awesome

Giving 5 stars across all categories to get rid of the ads and annoying pop-ups. Standard klondike game Good

A good basic Solitaire game. Should add daily games and for every so many points have the players unlock/win a choice of a new background/card face/back of card as an incentive to keep not only the player interested in your game but also this WILL keep your game on the players phone/tablet/PC permanently. Those are the types of games I am in search of...ones that keep my interest. Surprisingly

Novice Opinion Most Solitaire are essentially identical.I judge by the option to get ad free App. Pretty good

Fun!! This game was just what I was looking for! I love the background and card choices. Enjoy it!

I love the Christmas themes and being able to change the look of everything from background to card faces. Surprisingly

The first time I installed this game it was commercial free... Now after every game, it's another ad. Not worth my time.. Perfect

Wonderful!!! This game is great!! Enjoy it!

Daniel Fisher Ive tried almost every solitare game on here, ive settled on this. That speaks for itself. Worth a go!

Good game I drag and drop cards to move them ok. Tapping them to automove sometimes works. Stats are good. Adverts are a pain but do not interrupt the middle of a game. Must have

Avid Player Absolutely the BEST solitaire game available. Have tried 30+ different ones and this is a keeper. Marvelous

Amazing It's simple to use and absolutely adorable to play. I love the backgrounds and card options. It's awesome. Perfect!

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what the heck I was told if I rated 5 stars in the game the ads would be removed I rated 5 stars and the ads got worse. I liked it before I rated it 5 stars now I want to only give it 3 stars. Is that how you get ratings for this game. If the ads get worse I will be removing the app Superb!

It is a very fun time killer. A little easy for me or someone who plays a lit but great for beginners or someone who just needs to kill time. Omg

Real fun to play Just started far I'm really loving this app. Best solitaire I've played yet !! Highly Recommend.

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