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It all things are locked which things you have unlocked to make this game amazing Fabulous!

This game is too much fun.but we have to see 15 videos to unlock everything .that's why I like this game and everything is very nice. in IT most of the people should play this game and I will give it 5 stars thank you! Brilliant

Its so fun but you need to wath 15 ads to get the locked levels can you pls make it 3 thats eazy and love the game Muito bom!

It's a wonderful game I'm playing in it everyday and I can't stop I am so glad to install it Worth it!

I liked it I love the cute dresses and some mini games and I just bought the full version and its amazing Marvelous

I think it is good but you could unlock everything so that's why I give you 3 stars Flawless

Loved it I like libii candy it is very nice only few things are locked if that would also be unlock it would be cery nice Flawless

Candy Halloween party all candy family members are dress up in Halloween costumes trick or treat. Collect candies. Omg

Liked it All libi games are fun .I just rated four stars bcoz most of the games are locked . there are just very few games to play and we have to pay most of the games . I beg you guys to fix it soon as possible. love it

Fabulous!!! Halloween fair....i like it , earning candies collecting halloween objects. Awesome......but one thing many much thinga are locked pls fix it. Marvelous

Love this game My sister is such a fan of Libbi especially candy and she has all Libbi games and I hope this game is a full hit Great!

I like this game I love this game its so magical and spooky and really fun . Thanks libbi Worth a go!

I am a fan of libii candy games implayed all candy games and it is amazing candy i love you you help people those who are in trpuble or get injury you are a good doctor to treat the people you are a good carpenter also fix all things which are broken and get prizes and make tasty yummy food for coustmers wow candy you are a good girl ypu are helper i think but candy do you have schoolhomework to do and prepare for exmas tests you should make candy school game by libii by candy Muito bom!

Love u I love it because libii is the most beautiful app i ever seen my most favorite is candys town ,candys carnival or what ever we called it .just love it Just wow

Libii libii llibii U must try to unlock everything by watching or by buying with game money or by downloding anyother game not by talking real money otherwise u r best Pretty good

Thanks Thank u so much to give the option of get free please open all the levels if u will unlock all the levels then i will say to people to download this game . Recommend

Plsss download I want to downlaod this to trit or trick cuzz miss that pls download this i like this and happy halloween Enjoy it!

ถถถพพพพพะะะะพดกดกกเด้ร่นร่น่เรี Well done!!

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