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Good afternoon hope all is well. Recently my 2 year old son made quite a few unauthorized purchases of this game costing me $248. I am not in the position to afford these charges and I am requesting a refund. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience, any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Worth it!

Nice 2 play 2 ease & calm ur nerves and it's good 2 pass time away while waiting n the waiting room at a Drs appt. Great job

It's fun to play recommend it to any one who likes playing bubbles witches as it's fun xx Omg

Even though it's like other games it truly is so much fun to play you wont regret downloading it and enjoying playing Works perfectly

I like the game but I'm stuck on level 87. I popped all the pink squares but says there are still squares left. Recommend

I love this game. I'll be playing this game a long time. One of the best match 3 games I have ever played. Good job ! Highly Recommend.

What's not to love? It's a blast, literally. Best match 3 ever. Lotsa good stuff happinin nonstop.Get it! Fantastic

Pretty cool good graphics but you to give us more power up when we reach a certain level but overall cool game Surprisingly

I really love playing it its a great game to play when you want to get away from your home and work things Works perfectly

If you love a challenge this game is for you. Highly addictive. No ads so far 'witch' is a bonus :-) 5 star

just started playing interesting so far will see as i get farther long in the game Pretty good

It's fun but it freezes up and you have to pay to remove the Monstrously annoying ads Awesome

This game will not let me collect the tools that I need like the hammer please see if you can fix it thank you Muito bom!

Just started playing but am enjoying it so far. Looking forward to more challenging levels. Highly Recommend.

A new game for me to relax and pass time. I will suggest this one to my friends. Not bad

Newbie here. So far very cute and fun. Only drawback is that the play screen could be larger. Plenty of space for this. Fantastic

Very simple and basic without a map which I love and addictive like these games always are. Great job

I love playing the game with my friends and family members so play with me ok! The game is also challenging, it will make you use your brain ok Go well

5 thumbs up !!!!!! This is a really fun game to play, but the amount of ads is ridiculous. The most irritating one is the ad about paying to get rid of the ads !!! And the controls are extremely touchy. If you could fix it somehow, that would be great !!!! Go well

I enjoy attempting to guess the object...What is magic candy vs red candy? Guess I will continue to explore....Yummy.... Perfect!

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