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Fun but not easy, it makes you think in order to win but eventually you figure it out. Never boring! Superb!

Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for the next few levels. Very relaxing but never enough time . Perfect

Lots of fun. Able to win enough coins to keep playing, instead of having to make in app purchases. Cool

How can I access my account on a new phone if I do not use Facebook? It is back to level 1 on my new phone Great!

I don't like the days plays I lose when I either spend a ton of coins or sit and wait for time to go by. I will eventually get tired of this and move on to a different game. Awesome

I love this game I don't like when n you finish a world the next world isn't available for a couple days unless you purchase coins Go well

update back awhile ago i had a issue with the sound so i uninstall it then decided to install it again now the issues is resolved it's a good game but i have another game almost just like this one called raspberry jam so i didn't want two of the same type game but both are good. nice work developers Worth a go!

Why can I not but any upgrades/lives?? It keeps coming up undefined.. Hate waiting for my lives to restore. Perfect!

I need help! I was on hacked and had to open new FB accout and all of a sudden it has reset to level 1. Someone from support please contact me°° Good

Edited. Game is lots of fun to play, haven't had any more problems with it. Old review.... I did like this game and enjoy playing it. But it stopped working today w error code 10-cannot connect to the internet. Meanwhile all other apps of my S6 Edge plus, Tab S2 and Samsung smart TV are working flawlessly. Will uninstall app and reinstall hoping that fixes this. Will update this rating if it goes back to working properly. Also... Saw many other people complaining about this same issue online. Fix it please! Awesome

Takes too long to advance to next levels. You earn unlimited time but by the time the potions fill the time is up. Not really gaining anything Surprisingly

Annoyed played level 208 Last night high score. Went back today . It says Im on 208 when I play 209 last night Cool

Lots of fun to play and not too hard. Could play for hours if I had the time. Love the graphics love it

I've been playing this game for quite awhile, and it is by far my favorite of all times! Fantastic

I just love, love, love this game. I never get enough of playing it. Very addictive, and highly recommend everyone to play. Works perfectly

So many puzzles which are gradually more and more challenging but it's not as stressful or frustrating as most other games. Well done!!

I need help! I was on level 989 and all of a sudden it has reset to level 1. Someone from support please contact me°° Surprisingly

Great game, but it is not right that you can not pass to the next stage without waiting 24 to 48 hours. Also if you are on a free hours mode you should go to the next stage without losing the free hours. This happens all the time. 5 star

Why is the free moves or the free life not back yet. Every other game gives you this option. You had it at one point then took it away. It's been months please fix this Superb!

For some reason everyone the game loads the level 560 it then crashes ,getting fed up of it happening !! Well done!!

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