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So addictive i got my partner addicted to it aswell he always tries a beat my scores 5 star

I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and find it entertaining still. However, I wonder why the spinning wheel NEVER stops on Jackpot. Also, have to wait for ages before a new episode is released (currently on level 3215). Muito bom!

I find the game intresting and sometime challenging but needs more options to use maybe another option would be to be able to rotate a stripped candy so it can be used in a different direction say from horzontal to vertical or even a 45 degree and swipe shot. HEY King let me know of my idea to make it challenging and interesting for difficult situations I am sure you agree the idea is a good one. Works great

This game is fantastic. It deserves 5 stars but the only thing is when the gold bars collected in the piggy bank we have to buy that bank which normally most of the people don't like. I love to play this game Flawless

The game itself is great, but I dislike having to wait 30 minutes to get lives. I want to play when I'm bored, not when the game tells me to play, or without the app asking me to login into Facebook when I don't even have social media accounts. Muito bom!

I love this game. For me to spend money just to help me get thru a level thats what made me realize how addicting this game is. Its very fun. Its not too difficult nor to easy. If you download this game i promise you. You wont uninstall it. Lol Marvelous

I've just re-download this game due to the fact my old phone was legging and had insufficient space. I've notice when I connect with Facebook it does not remember my last level. I know I have reach over 200 levels. Is this a new version of candy crush? Does it mean I have to start from level 1 again Well done!!

It has been 27 hours since I reached the train to go to the next level. On the clock only 6 hours has gone by. This game is getting very frustrating. Its bad enough that I had gotten to 865 level. Then when my phone had to b replaced I had to start back at level 1. My Facebook page got hacked an I havent been able to get on it for about 2 months. Not everyone who enjoys ur game can use Facebook. Totally f***ed up for us. Guess its just time to quit playing all together. Game is fun Fantastic

New player ... mad late to the game! Remember this game was allll the rage circa 2013?! Enjoy it!

Enjoyed playing it until they started adding all the pop up advertising. The pop up advertising is actually working against the companies who are advertising. Makes me not want to use their services. If you removed the pop up ads I would have done a higher rating. I may not stop playing but I definitely have cut back my playing Muito bom!

Used to love the game but now freezes and crashes constantly. Very frustrating because you lose your boosters and lives. Also the daily spinning wheel never stops on jackpot, NEVER! Fix this game! Cannot even play it anymore with all the glitches. Only game that does it on my device. Works perfectly

Glad to see more prizes given but one thing that still bothers me....I spin the wheel every day and have been playing for a few years now but not once has the wheel landed on the jackpot. There were times it was obvious that it should have landed there but the game stopped it. I would love to see that fixed where the jackpot wasn't so impossible. Superb!

Very disappointed in this app over the last several months. Every time I go into app to play game I get kicked out. It is not always immediate which is very frustrating because I will loose lives etc UN-necessarily. Not bad

It would be nice to hit the jackpot just once in this game.....just saying. Programming seems faulty at times which makes some levels take an awful long time to complete. love it

We'll i have to keep starting over because my phone keeps getting file corrupted so i lose all my bonuses on all four games i play and my gold some had more then others. But i love this game that's why i keep downloading it Go well

I loved the game very much. There is something new at every stage.We can say that we have to fight for the crown and also For the task given. loved it.Hope you make such games more and more available to us. Thank you Perfect!

Very addictive! Especially when you get stuck on a hard level. I wish you get more than 5 lives. You have to wait 2 or more hours to have full lives. I wish you didn't have to wait that long. But its a good game to kill any extra time you have. Brilliant

Would be good if (some of) the gold bars could be released without having to pay for it. Seems unfair that player wins and collects gold bars that cannot be used if one doesn't pay for them. Works great

entertains well. but plz try to improve the swiping feature ncz when we want to play the first or second episode ,have to swipe all over down n got fed up with that, its taking too much time to do so. its really urgent to improve that thing. Surprisingly

I can't put my phone down to play the xbox one with this game around. very addicting. awesome game play. the only bummer, the glitch at the daily spin :/ lol its to obvious. but love the game :) Good

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