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Excellent I grew up in the real world with the decimal system. I see in one glance what the figure 100 represents. Cups inches etc is abacadabra. I would love if there was a phorporous and potassium scale as I am a kidney patient. Maybe one day. Recommend

I like the simplicity of the app. I don't want to track online what I eat. So I appreciate this app's simple database format. However, I have given three stars because the units of measure for each food are in grams only and sometimes not even is realistic serving sizes. For example, butter is listed and kcal is calculated for 100gr of butter only. Now I prefer to see dry weight measures and fluid ounces over metric, but I can at least understand what say 1 gram or 10 grams of butter looks like relative to say 1 tablespoon of butter. No one sits down to eat a cube of butter, which I'm guessing is what 100gm looks like. Anyway. I would encourage the developers to include a setting option for displaying in non metric measures as well as listing of real live serving sizes for things such as butter, condiments, etc. Thank you. Fantastic

Finally found it! I was looking for just the numbers, not a tracker, not a support group, not advice (been there done that)...this app is PERFECT. Thank you! Well done!!

Whilst it is a bit frustrating that everything is in 100gram measurements everyone's idea of portion size is different & fruit and veg are varying sizes, so understand the reason for this. Overall a really good FREE app. Awesome

Great app just type in what food u want to find an it comes up every time not had a problem so far. Works great

App is almost useless The app is not... Usable I can't actually use it, I already know the fatty foods from the non fatty. Superb!

I haven't had much time to look at everything, but so far it has been a great help. I mostly look at the carb counts for diabetes control when the information isn't available elsewhere. Cool

Brilliant! Very helpful to understand abd calculate Macronutrients and to easily work out the perfect mealplan according to my metabolic needs. Very accurate. Maintaining a LCHF lifestyle is now easy! Thank you for all the effort and hard work put into this App. Fabulous!

Just now downloaded it so have only had it a few minutes. So far it's just what I wanted. No extraneous bells & whistles. I want to key in an item & see how many calories it has, period. Don't need nor want to track, keep a log, etc. Does just what I want! Awesome

Had every food you can think of, at first how the labels are it's hard to understand what's going on but just take your time and read through and you will understand it quickly Fantastic

I almost lose weight just scrolling down to find the the items. For some reason the search doesn't work on my htcOne I only use this app when I have lots of time. Other than that I like it. Works great

Very practical , being on a LCHF diet and traveling a lot, keeping an eye on the carbs intake made easy. Great support app. Recommend

Really handy This app is surprisingly accurate and very helpful. Kudos to the creators. It's a very well though self-development resource. Thank you. Superb!

Everything is in grams and you cannot change it to different cup sizes. Very frustrating having to go to another site to get that information. I am not interested in buying another site just to see that what they say isn't true. wow lol

Long lists of food. Need better navigation tools. It would a great feature to add a camera interface which snaps the meal and look up in the data base Apps like this one have great potential to develop further In future restaurant menus can have a QR codes and independent database can reveal calories Also try interfacing with fit it like apps wow lol

very nice although it would be great to have option to pick out items. when you see some suitable meals you kinda want to pick them out to another list for daily meal plan Works perfectly

Though I can't comment on it's accuracy I have found this app really useful to provide some grounding on many products. Awesome love it

Helped me a lot in my diet i have been eating food that i thought it was low calory thanks to the app i switched to healthier options..i'm just 5 KG away from my goal Cool

I love the convenience of looking up what I need to know. I'm writing down everything I eat and this site is a great tool in the diet mode I'm in now Omg

I like the fact it's normalized to 100g. Easy to use. I would suggest that you modify the app to allow in app selection of foods to build a serving and a meal. Pretty good

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