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Try it I do wing chin kung fu an tai chi. And this app help me train because it's calming an it intensifyed my mind to react quickly an more powerfullly. Thank you

Upgrade good! Just to let folks know--I upgraded this app outside the market. The payment was through Paypal, so I trusted it. The process was more complicated than through Google Market, and I had to email developer to figure things out, but they responded quickly and the app downloaded without incident. I believe the dev is sincere and honest(the product is GREAT), but they would sell a lot more if they went through Google.. .don't know why they don't.

Nice Even though there are only like four free songs, they are nice and can be relaxing if you let it.

Wonderful I love this app, great support, I recently had a support question, my fault not there's, and they resolved it quickly and fixed me right up. THANKYOU

Love it Its hard to find music that actually helps me go to sleep. This is perfect! I can do repeats, skipping around, set a time limit. it all works for me. Five stars for sure

#get-to-sleep-fast High quality, crisp sound! The music is simple, melodious and elegant. The nature sounds are not over-done, just enough to give the full effect of relaxing in nature. And the free version gives a nice variety of four samples. This is real quality, will definitely buy to get even more.

Tai Chi must have!! Awesome collection. If you practice Tai Chi, Qigung. meditation or are aware of how this type of music can benefit your subtle energy GET THIS APP! Where can I buy a CD?

#sleep-at-night Good! Except after the first 2 or 3 tracks you have to upgrade and pay to listen to the rest. Would give it 5 but its suppose to be free

It's ok. U only get like 3 or 4 free music type selections before it asks you to upgrade, but it works.

Love it My son who is medically fragile uses this to fall asleep Tai Chi is the the one......repeat and he's out for the count:-);-):-)

Wow. I Love the simplicity as meditation goes relaxation and breathing coexist, my ...! Wow. I Love the simplicity as meditation goes relaxation and breathing coexist, my stress subsides. My children enjoy moving throughout their tai' chi. Recommend to take Calming Music to Simplicity APK.

Soothing Everyone that wants relaxation,peace & to be at ease should get this. Would give it more than 5*'s :)

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