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The developer boasts about their huge database, however, it has NOT identified any calls other than those in my Contacts; wants the user to identify unknown calls for the 'community.' Looking for a replacement. Well done!!

It has the right idea but I had to uninstall it because if the intrusive ads. An ad in the program or while using it's features it's one thing, but you replaced my charging and lock screen. Superb!

Just installed, and paid for no advertising but still get some. Sometimes when called probably collections or sales doesn't display full number. Hope they can fix those issues then 5star ratting Amazing!

Good app. Does what it says and keeps things simple. Just wish it had less adds and didn't have pop up screens after calls or the lock screen setting turned on automatically. Go well

I just barely got this app, but so far so good. I don't fully have the hang of it yet, but so far I have no complaints. Well, except on my part. I wish I was more technologically inclined. :) Highly Recommend.

Great app. Needed simple way to screen and block my calls and this app does both. Worth a go!

Easy to use I was getting over 10 voicemails a day mostly from telemarketing, now that does not happen. Great job

Works good but I can't figure out how to edit my White List. Or at least delete it and make a new one. Works great

I'm more atezz knowing that I don't have too where's about anyone hacking in to my phone thanks caller ID Fabulous!

Love the app except for all the pop up adverts. Would rate higher if this did not happen Good

Really great app, helps me see the telemarketers and scam calls, that alone makes it more then worth any money you would need to pay, but the great part is its FREE, Sweet Perfect!

Blocks spam calls and texts. Ads are annoying in the free version because ads pop up with sound and video. Takes several attempts to back out of ad page. Will look for a different call block app. Good

What does the numbers under the star mean? Still learning the app but they pushing way to much add on people. There is add popping on my screen when im not even using the app, when my phone is locked 5 star

I love this... I get at least 40 calls a day from telemarketers. Thanks so much for this app Surprisingly

This app is so super cool & works great every time & with call blocker also. I'm Happy! Metro PCS they charge you $2.00 extra a Month to have caller ID! Perfect!

Ashimi Ibrahim just want you people to improve your app. OK by Mei love ❤️ ❤️ IT Works perfectly

Too early to review & comments! Let me use it for one month to give honest review. Thanks! Marvelous

I've only had this 3 days but it has told me about spam calls and private numbers. I thought it would give names but not for me yet. I'll update this review in a month or so. Surprisingly

It's awesome when comes to stopping annoying calls that doesn't understand the meaning of don't feel like being bothered. It's like putting you in control... Awesome!!! Surprisingly

This is a great app, it warns me about Tele - marketers and i.d's unknown callers. Marvelous

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