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Improved time limt Good application,but u have to improved more things first of all u like to improve shearing.there is no way to share friends with Facebook or Twitter.. 2nd things is other person taking so much time during something that ...3rd things is..chatting.... Or texting..when I play call break ,someone taking too much time then I will text or chat to indicate ... Perfect!

Short simple nd lovly game I generaly don't review to any aap. But for this game i would just say bang on. Thats my time pass. Just concern that i m going to have addition of this game. Perfect!

The call should more then 5 times. The game should be like real also means when 4 or less person sit together they can play same game by connecting each other by wifi or bluetooth not online. Plz make it like real cards it will be more interesting. Well done!!

Problem It doesn't allow me to connect with friends....It would be a great favour if this can be connected through hotspot and able to play with whom we want..... Well done!!

Multiplayer Keep a ban option on multiplayer for those who leave the game as soon as it starts. It ruins the experience and these players should be banned. Great job

The game is good but it has to improve in sound.... there is no sound in this game...... if it gets sound i may like to give 5 stars Worth it!

Zakhass Really i spend tooo much time to play this game good one i think. Baki aap jaane... wow lol

Like the game n my suggestion Those who don't know how to play will always loose..I am winnig the game 95% time bcz i know how to play n how to estimate my tricks evry time only by reading my just you have to estimate rightly.suggestion to the developer pls try to programme this game in multiplayer mode with wifi mobile hotspot without internet connection also so that every player can play by their mobile hotspot on their mobile without using that unstable internet connection of India that may work within some area range. Worth it!

It doesn't allow me to throw a smaller card In case Ace is not thrown till yet, I don't want to throw the king... Algorithm of the game doesn't allow me to throw some other card. It bounds me to throw the highest card....!! Awesome

The game is great bt only one big problem is that we cannot connect it with Bluetooth or wifi to play with friends... Not at all enjoyable playing with bots... Omg

Wonderfull awesome game but need to improve some features .like friends groupplay , request play , and creat selected player groups, play with friends play with out side...if u add these kind of feature it will break all the records of another game...try to update Go well

App is ok. But as everyone said there are no strategies played by other players which makes it less challenging. They would never start with a spade unless spades are the only suit remaining. And what about the eight bid rule? Enjoy it!

Awesome game but its need to more option connect with fb friends and many more option its need to update plz. wow lol

It will be more better if we can create our on server, table to play with our frns !!! Worth a go!

Multiplayer issue It would be better if we can invite our friends and play with them.. so that tht quit issue can be solved... love it

Need more I love this game but you should add some more rounds. Atleast 13 rounds. In whole india this game is of 13 levels. If it is possible to add Bluetooth game playing then add it please. Not bad

Good.. But full of assholes Players quit the game if they don't get good cards... Why hell they play if they always wanna win.... Please bring a feature that can just block user doing that....

Lakadiya in etawah language Mast game h agar fb friends bhi add kr skte ya bluetooth ya wifi ke through connect kr skte. Developer please maintain this game and add option of login with facebook just like teen patti and indian rummy games

Pretty good Thank you for the beautiful app but the server problem kills me like it's really frustrating and the people shouldn't quit the thing on the game

Good game Need improvement like chance up to 13 who will tell 8 Give bonus of 50, point and who will tell 10 and make will we winner and make circle on everyone will we the winner and make it online

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