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Lollipop compatible required The icon color is not displaying in lollipop version. Please upgrade for lollipop. It's showing white icon in status bar irrespective of the color chosen. Works great

Starts up to just close... Um this is your newest update it killed it... The previous version worked... June 28, 2015

Counting the days SINCE Would be ideal, there isnt many. 1Widget for every event. Let me know when you make it.

Perfect for what it does! Have used this on an S5 & Note 2 with no problems, works brilliantly - thank you!! Discreet & simple.

Show year in notification Good app! Can the year be shown as well? If user do a screen shot so a few years later they won't be confused when see 2 screen shot carries the same day and month but show different year. The year can be placed next to the current day/month format

Very nice, useful app! Does what it says it will. Nothing too complicated but is surely a quick and easy way to check the date.

Great I use this date in top left to check the date over any other place to check it. My biggest complaint is that every now and then it stops running and I've got to open it up again.

It is what it is... Clean and simple. Does not start up automatically when you power on the phone, even with the box checked to do so. Not a big deal. Nice app!

Great Does what it's suppose to. Just wish could fix having to reload if shut phone off with app saved to sd card.

Excellent Does exactly what it says it will do, doesn't bog down or use a lot of battery. Works great! Thanks.

Great utility Simple. Only what you need and nothing else. Makes the current date always visible in the status bar.

Ok app How can I get the year to display also ? I would like it for a reference for screen shots

#optimize-your-android Stop telling me to upgrade!!! Would be 5stars if I didn't CONTINUOUSLY keep getting notified to upgrade to paid version. It's a continuous reminder that doesn't go away. so annoying it's a free app!

good app but nags too much in your notification status it's simply not fun to get constant notification to register since there r free ad based similar apps out there

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