This is my favorite calculator. I have used a few but this one is easy to use and has everything I need......I have used this calculator for many years now. Best one for me. Easy and simple. Love it! 10/2016...I still use and love this calculator. 3/2018...I still use this calculator. To me it's still the best. Superb!

This is the calculator I go to Everytime. It's the best! Also has a tape feature that allows you to look at all your calculations so you can make sure you didn't leave something out. Highly recommend! My go to calculator! Perfect for percentages as well. 5 star

This app is great if you want to do straightforward day-to-day household mathematics. I particularly appreciate the fact that this app does not railroad you into using highly complex scientific equations to solve basic household Mathematical needs. Flawless

Does what it says. Keeps asking me to rate rethought I have many times, but ours not often enough to be annoying. Marvelous

Love that one could see details during or check it after. I can tell that serious thought went into the creating of this app., keep up the good and professional work. Awesome

Have used many and this one is great particularly because of the history. Ads are necessary - how else would the developers eat. These are not terribly intrusive. Good work. Recommend

This calculator is easy on the eyes and simple to use. No razzle dazzle, just a matter of fact calculator. Exactly what I was looking for. I haven't tried others since before I started using this one years ago. Muito bom!

Simple easy calculator with no pop up in your face ads. Nice clear big buttons with the percentage sign where i want it instead of having to flick to a scientific mind boggling display. Good job love it

I have tried many calculator apps, and I must admit that This app, Calculator Plus, is the Best One. It has Everything I need., and it's Very Easy to Use. Very helpful app. Thanks!! For a Great App.!!! Brilliant

Nothing complicated and an easy to use history. I was using an old phone just for its calculator. The one on my current phone doesn't even give you a comma for the thousands place! Ridiculous...and thanks. Amazing!

Seems like a decent basic calculator but only has one memory and no ticker tape function, both of which severely limits it's functionality. Ads on top are reasonably discrete. Worth it!

This app is easy to use and I like the fact that it shows your history, specially when mistakes are done because you can go back and check where the sum was messed up. Overall a very convenient app to have. Amazing!

One of the few calculators with memory buttons! Why Samsung don't put these on their stock calculators is beyond me. I like the option of a dark theme as it saves battery. Large easy to see buttons, excellent display, turn device on its side for more options, great history display of calculations making home finance easy. The only improvement I would suggest is unit conversion ie litres to gallons, imperial to metric etc which is on the Samsung calculator. However Calculator Plus is the best android calculator available and is on all 3 of my android devices. Well done!!

Has the basic calculator features but functions better than default phone app. The one item that is annoying is that you cannot turn off the key click,Eve if the phone volume is off. Must have

Memory functions work great. I have tried several calculators and when I found this one, I stopped looking. After the wife saw me using it she wanted to know the name do she could install it too. Amazing!

I was looking for a calculator with the percent function. This was a great choice. It always works properly, which is what you want when dealing with numbers. Well done!!

I was using another calculator app and hated it. I just happened to come across this app and love it. It makes my small business needs go smoothly. Just wow

Clear to read. Logical and simple to use. Your last entry is visible under the current total. Tapping that entry reveals the string of calculations that lead up to the current total. Turning the phone on its side reveals a scientific calculator. Both calculator screens feature decent-sized buttons and an easy-to-see screen. The ads are discretely placed, and in no way interfere with your work. This is the easiest, most logical-to-use, and easy-on-the-eyes phone calculator that I have found! I love it and thank the developers for their hard work that makes life easier for my mathematically challenged brain. I encourage others to use this free app. It's great! Enjoy it!

This surely is the best calculator app I've ever come across. If anyone has ideas that can make it an even better app then let the developers know. They will listen to you and your suggestions. Cool

This is my fave calculator app! It saves equations so you can go out, and come back later. Well done!!

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