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Great app!! But.. Really useful app and nicely built. But currently it opens the links on browser as it is I.e. even on PC mobile version of websites are opened. It would be great if links are converted into desktop version before being opened in PC. 1 star less because of this. Great app otherwise.

Nice Very interesting app... Wish it would have 2way transfer. Computer - android device and vice versa

Ingenious app. This saves me from sending a text to my Google voice account when I want to send a link to the laptop. Muito bom!

Best app I've ever used Can't believe I stumbled upon this randomly shortly after needing this exact functionality. Good

Great PC to phone I used to QR the link but didn't find way from phone to pc. Caastme solved this.Can give 5 stars if text can also be shared and Caast history is provided. Gave 5 stars for adding history. Go well

So convenient! Love finding an article on my phone and wanna share it to my pc in an instant! It reminds me of awesome drop if any old school Android user remembers that! love it

Uninstalled for now: It's good but I have Pushbullet which is a better alternative. Still caast me is a noticeable option to consider. Works great

Awesome!!! It's for sure a great app & idea, but I hope you can a make a way to transfer text from browser to android Fantastic

Absolutely brilliant Absolutely brilliant way to continue browsing to PC from mobile. Love to give five stars. Pretty good

Nice Extremely clever idea, one of those apps that brings your phone closer to that sci-fi future where all information can be beamed around seamlessly. Experienced one glitch: Firefox displays the QR code too big to get the whole thing on the screen, for some reason, rendering the app useless unless you zoom it smaller. Superb!

Wonderful!!! I still wish it could be used to share more things than just links and text... I mean there is still a lot of scope for improvement! Good job anyway... Fabulous!

Must download productivity app Its very useful when we are operating both PC and smartphone... And want some freaky that smartphone doesn't... Great job

Add Pc to Mobile too It would be better if there is an option to scan QR from Pc through an extension Well done!!

Faith in utility apps restored! Works smooth like butter! Just scan the QR code off the screen and voila! The site on Android is casted off on the PC. No registrations, no signups, nothing. Plain, quick and simple. Period. Though if text or other such formats were supported, it'd have been the best utility app for me. Must have

Great app! Works like a charm. I googled caast, bookmarked the location, putting the caast icon on my bookmarks bar. So I only have to click that & the QR code appears. Then scan with my cell & the web site appears like magic! What a genius to think that up. Flawless

A suggestion here Would be great if there was an option to share not only links but also texts or any type of messages... wow lol

Simply Amazing. Dude your a genius. Such a simple idea but so effective and convenient. I would hug you if I could. Omg

Simply the best! It fits so much with my day-to-day life, I'm constantly switching between tablet and laptop! Thanks so much for this app! Worth a go!

Old guy very happy Caaastme has become my number 1 app the setup was so simple because there was none I haven't used my expensive laptop in a year because all the passwords long addresses it just wasn't fun anymore but now opening something on my computer from phone or my tablet so easy. Great job Great!

Needs Firefox and chrome extensions This app is a fantastic idea. If there were extensions for Firefox and chrome it would be even better! Like a button that quick displays the qr chide, and upon scanning it, it opens a new tab.

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