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Pretty good app for personalization. Some features to find new icons are blocked unless you make an account and it won't let me make one for some reason. *** Edit- After sending an email to their support, it was bounced back with a message that the mailbox is no longer in service. I think the company is no longer updating or service in this app. Enjoy it!

Been using for years. Have loved it. Best ever. But now I have a problem that started today. Every time I push the home button on my note 8 it asks me to select the default launcher even though buzz is already selected as the default in my phone settings. It's really annoying. I wonder if this is a problem with the app or my phone and is anyone else having this issue? Well done!!

You can't simply uninstall this launcher. You need to revoke permission , deactivate then uninstall. No other launcher I have used are so problematic. Sad though, the customizations were cool. Flawless

This is the best launcher. Only one thing is required buzz locker password could be words or about 10 digit longer instead of 4 digit please its my humble request to developers to update it in next version, i hope my suggestions will receive your attention. Hide apps, gestures and password together made it too much secure. I disliked that my friends used to take up my phone and open gallery now i can hide it n set gestures to open it using buzz password. Great job

The most beautiful launcher.. Everyone should use it.. Covered all themes..but problem of loadibg buzz theme wizard and login..please correct it...thats the only problem.. After all its fantastic Surprisingly

I'd been using this app for almost a year half really love it. But now we need update dear devs. The app keep crashing and bug. Hope to hear from you. Cool

Sorry to cut 2 stars, but the fonts can't be Changed. And it is a vig letdown for me. Add it and I ll give 100 stars( if possible) Works perfectly

Really nice launcher, was working great since i think last update, now every time i reopen my phone from somes time inactives, launcher froze for somes secs, any idea what could cause this ? Great!

The Note 8's home button does nothing. I wish I could set an action for a multi touch gesture. Fantastic

This app is exactly what I'm looking for gestures customizing all kinds of stuff and there's no paid app that constantly ask you to buy it or any ads. And I got a Samsung Note 5 and it works like a beast on it. Great!

People claim the devs walked away from this app but the last update was a Dec of 2017, really People? It's Feb 2018 wth is wrong with people? Works great

This launcher is now on my S8, it runs Smith, and looks beautiful too. I slowed down the animations, on my device, developers options, and when I flip through my screens it looks nice, and fluid, smooth. I like the way I have 5 screens set up, each with their own wallpaper. I wish Buzz would support icon packs. Other than that , Buzz launcher is a great launcher to use. wow lol

I suggest adding some more features: option for double tap at homescreen/shake/proximity to turn off /screenlock; floating icon option: touchlock, keep screen on toggle; and please make the floating icon auto hide when taking screenshot, i dont want floating icon on all my screenshots. Omg

dear developer please add an feature where we can open buzz menu by swiping down two fingers in all screens not only only on homescreen but in every screen whether it is an app or game or anything Works perfectly

this launcher is so amazing,im gonna keep it as a default launcher in all of my phone.But please add an option to create shortcut of an app that is in written format(whatsapp,gallery,camera etc) like the one that we can get from themes of buzz store instead of changing app's default image by gifs or images from gallery.Any this launcher is amazing, thanks for this app wow lol

Hey dev wht happen no update frm long time... I m facing a bug .. most of the app's unable to add short cut to homescreen.. like parallel app or dr clone Great!

I think the support for this app has stopped. It was much better and cared for before. I have been using this laucher since its beta days and I loved every day with it. Now the themes are just really ugly. The categories are horribly picked and limitted. You can't add your own icon pack or change an icon from an app other than Buzz becuase it will just crash. And today it's been lagging the whole time. Return this back to what it was please. What a shame. Omg

I used to love this launcher but since the last update I can no longer add a website to the homescreen. Also I have been requesting more fonts for years but it has fallen on deaf ears! Perfect!

I cannot belive i did not give this much of a chance before. This is by far the best launcher i have ever had. Its pretty darn amazing when u take time to lesrn all its features. Outstanding Recommend

I love the large assortment of themes, wallpapers and icons. I have this installed on my Android phone and am now adding it to my tablet if it has been optimized for Android tablets. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more ideas from you in the future. Perfect

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