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Easy to use. The video simulations are really helpful. They teach you how to properly do each exercise to get the best results. It pushes you without over stressing. I didn't know it had voice until now. Will be using it. I wish there was one for arms though. I love it❤very effective. Worth a go!

I'm really enjoying it, it's my second day of using it, though my legs are really hurting Flawless

Nice app, easy to use but I think the rest periods are not needed that long and It's will be nice if you can choose the speeds. Worth a go!

Its good because you can make your own work out. Bad because then you can make easy work out and not push yourself Well done!!

I think this app is really good because it has an alarm to remind you to do your daily exercise Perfect

Very nice and i really enjoy it but i wish i could skip resting times and please add new harder levels for it❤ Works great

Its really good. I don't think the long rest periods are needed. Maybe make them a little shorter. If you could add a healthy diet plan for 1 month would be good as well. But this is one of the best apps. Recommend

It's amazing I'm seeing a result of my but and my legs you should make an arm workout to Go well

Download it it gets you excited about working out. And you actually feel the different squats and leg exercises they have. Not bad

This app is really easy to use and one of the many apps I've been using for dieting, and each app works like a charm. This app is easy to use, effective, and helpful. Just wow

Very very nice app! Simple and easy to use. This is my first time trying kind of app and found that it is really helpful ☺ Omg

It is ok for a basic workout, low level. The rest periods can no be skipped and they are not needed (or i dont feel like resting after 12 lunges with body weight). It would be good if you can also regulate the speed the exercises are done. Ads are not very bad. Perfect!

Good idea overall. There should be an option to skip resting time, voice should be more motivating and it would give extra points of it had been female, there are tons of workout apps from where the developer could take some tips Recommend

I think this app is pretty good and it isnt that hard i think its great . Must have

Im on my 3rd day and i see improvement while adding 2 or 3 extra exercises in it Just wow

Woooow it does wonders...seeing my body shaping the way i want it to be...thank you,marvellous... Fabulous!

It is user friendly, quick and efficient. . Plus it shows how much you've worked on yourself at the end of each day's exercise Surprisingly

Very Useful app for home gym instal it and enjoy GYM at home perfect 100% Classic app & its exercises Enjoy it!

Its really gud am only on my fifth day and my legs have never felt this hurtful in along time considering am kinda of a sports person Recommend

Its my third day using this app and I am well pleased with it. I definitely feel the burn in my legs and buttocks. Its not too fast, which is great for beginners. Surprisingly

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