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Fight the meat eatin Butcher!!!!! I love this game it is sooo much fun!!!! Highly recommend it's super addicting. Highly Recommend.

Love this game Good hand and eye coordination is needed in this game. Powerups will b your best friend in this to help give u a boost. I love the true animal facts that comes up as well. O yea love the simplicity AND the music.Thank u guys for this game love it

AWESOME! Very simple game, very fun to play, short game times so you can play during 5 minute breaks during your day AND the best part is that it has great knowledge about being vegan spread throughout the gameplay. I love it!!! 5 star

Go Vegan with this game! The best game I've ever played! Addictive game play, nice characters, amazing graphics, cool music and more important, it is VEGAN! Works great

Nice game! I love it! <3 It's one the best game that I have ever played. I like it so much, because it's simple and excitng and make you happy :) Must have

Fun and educational! It's nice to see a vegan themed game. Quite fun to play, and I really liked the facts that come whenever you lose. Fantastic

Perfect That's really fun and addictive. I can't put it down, even in WC! LOL Perfect

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