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Perfect :)) To make it nore excitig i suggest to introduce other poor animals earlier: fish, bee, goat etc.. !

Great facts I think it's a great game. I hope people can take these facts and apply them to their lives

Fun game! :) Awesome facts and quotes too, the downside now is that it pains my heart to lose and cause the piggy to get caught! Hahahahaha xD am I too vegan?

Great game, great message! Love this game, fun to play and sends a great message too unlike the other pointless drivel out there!

Easy to learn But not so easy as to get boring. Love the educational comments and pop-ups to sponsor sanctuary animals. Great idea! <3

Butcher goes vegan An enjoyable pro began vegan/vegetarian game. With factual statistics that are both encouraging and a little too factual. Really really like this one and I'm picky. Perfect!

Vegan-tastic! This game is everything! Whether you're vegan or vegetarian, it's fun for everyone. No glitches, amazing power ups, and the levels are tricky but exciting. Not bad

Simply love A simple desgin, the game and be alittle challenging but very fun. I was trying to find the reviewers that only gave it one star because I can not see why. Amazing!

Im addicted! I dont usaully play games on my phone, but this game is an exception!!! I love it Perfect

Great game and message What I liked is that this is genuinely a great game. I did not have to rate it 5 for spreading a good message, but the game itslef is fun and appropriately challenging(later). Perhaps add more characters and statistics in the future? Enjoy it!

Haha! I love this game I am terrible at games. I vow to get better! But this is a super fun way to pass the time. Beat those nasty butchers! Good vegan facts too! Recommend

Addictive Very cute and addictive game, love the vegan facts, and overall simplicity. Go veg♡♡ Marvelous

Love it!! I love this game, its so addictive and its great for informing meat eaters and vegetarians more about veganism! All I would say is try to have more facts, possibly as people go up the levels, make it easier to get hearts other than buying it and to rescue the animals, let it be less expensive so more animals can be saved! Not bad

Best game Best educational game I have ever played . Amazing gameplay,characters and design . You guys are the world real heroes.we proud you Just wow

Really Cool... I have not stop playing since I download it today ! Awesome , this game rocks !!!! Thanks guys Can't stop!

Great game Not to often you see a game based on being vegan, I'm glad to finally see some starting to show up Helpful

Great Game. Makes me sad knowing the truth of how this animals suffer. As a vegan I can honestly say that for us to stop all of this we need to expose it. ✌ Fabulous!

Love it. I like it because its fun to play but it's also educational. Pretty good

Love it This game is great. It's very fun to play and addictive. I love the facts it gives wow lol

Awesome game! Very fun to play and good graphics and animation! Would highly recommend this game if you are bored Super fun!

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