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Simply amazing! You are the man! Another A++ app. They dont get any better than KShark root essentials!!! Superb!

Glad to see you got it working on arm devices way to go man.thank you for your hard work Muito bom!

Great app.. Robert helped me with my HTC, so now I use his work on all my stuff. Note Edge, Note 4, Note Pro 12.2, 2014 Note 10.1, Tab S, 2013 Nexus 7, Note 3, Note 8, and recently on Note 5.....the best! All Rooted...

It cost a lot for an Android root app BUT... It does work very well, dev has regular updates and app seems to be a real priority (that's very important), this dev hasn't made other apps that are rip offs designed to take money and give an error that's not real so I don't feel nervous trusting him with root access to my devices (that's pretty serious to me), actually the opposite with this dev, he makes excellent apps. I love the the quick reference guide since syntax and I don't always get along. Yeah, it was actually worth the price!

Thank you so much! I've always used your apps and always will. I will say a prayer that your doing better sir, sincerely you deserve it. Your friend Steve Could you add a option in your app for the user to install which version we want. Seems like that would be a nice option? Robert you just made my day or year!!! I just bought busybox, bash, & superuser & couldn't be happier. This is a developer who truly knows how to write top notch code! Ladies & Gentleman, do your self a favor & pick up his apps. You won't be dissapointed. Thanks again for your hard work Robert!!! -Steve Evans Fabulous!

Great Busybox Installer! This app is working great for me! Couldn't be happier, happy to support the author too. Works great

This is the key to the universe!!! Awesome. Developer put his heart into this for real. Thank you for having integrity in what you do. Not bad

Great app.. HtC 816 Desire… I'm having problems with the developers helping me nothing to do with him its my phone it's giving me issues I just want to say he's the best developer out there Worth it!

Awsome Samsung Galaxy Note 1, IceCream Sandwhich 4.0.4, (roooted) Flawless

Simplicity Love the UI, streamlines the experience for everyday users. Thumbs up! Surprisingly

Purchased this after using the free version I used the free version and it worked perfectly. Just one tap to install busybox without any hassles. I promised to give the dev a donation from the free app but decided to purchase it here instead, hopefully that gives you more money. This program is more than worth it. Do I need to uninstall the free app or can they live side by side? Also, hope your health problems are improving :) Perfect!

Bestbusy boxout Bestbusy box out there easy to install and works great Enjoy it!

Good to go Used many busybox this one the best...bit high priced..but supporting dev worries man..I like it, do not mind paying for it...good job... Superb!

superb busybox yes it features more than any other competitors. superb app. it's a must have tools. Enjoy it!

Most Featured BusyBox Available On Google Play This BusyBox was well written, light, and packed with features. Linux users will surely appreciate this app. Thanks for a job well done. Brilliant

Full Permissions to All Device Features! @Robert Thanks very much for your work on this program. The "What's New" section says that you have removed the need for internet access permissions, but the install dialog says there is a new "Full Permissions to All Device Features and Storage". So could you clarify this?. Recommend to take BusyBox X+ APK.

Excellent! Finally found a Busy Box which works perfectly in my x86 based device Asus Fonepad.... Nice Work.and in future hope more development from the developer on x86.

SWEET UPDATE!! Love the new UI and icon. Thanks for removing the "redundant settings" button! But what is decaf? Never mind. If it's what I think it is...I don't touch the stuff. :-)

Be nice if developing and debugging were as easy as this app... Was sold ...! Be nice if developing and debugging were as easy as this app... Was sold on the manual... Thx. Recommend to get BusyBox X+ APK.

#home-screen Worth the cost! The developer put in the work necessary to make installation and usage simple. The manual is a welcome bonus. I urge people to support his effort. I have no problems installing and using this implementation of busybox. A caveat I want to mention is that you must have an internet connection to use the manual. I'd like to see this limitation removed having the manual stored locally.

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