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I really like the app, but I'm giving just 3 stars due I cannot submit my records, so I'm loosing more than 6 points per lesson and do not let me go further... Omg

About "preference": my city name keeps changing itself back to default. Not that it matters, but when I see the prices in inapp purchase (in $), I'd like to be certain it's HK$. I suspect if I change my preference successful ly, I can see prices in the currency of my city. I succeeded once, and did see prices in hk$, but no luck after that. Some kind of bug ? Must have

Busuu is good techaer dat time i dont undersand meni ting in spanish bot naw am bater thanks all of u Surprisingly

I think its the best app for learning new languages.... plzz add some more languages to it Enjoy it!

I gave five stars because this version is free and helps you a lot! Unique! Well done Great!

Love this app! I have a master's degree and years of experience in language teaching and Busuu I think does it right if you're looking for a translation based language app. Definitely better in my opinion than Duolingo. Highly Recommend.

Great app I've stated learning recently It's awesome specially contacting with native speakers and sharing experience Muito bom!

Love it. Well worth the subscription. There are tons different lessons split into different modules. At any point you can test everything you've learned so so, and it will only ask you questions on the modules you've completed so far. There's a writing exercise after every module and people respond very quickly with corrections. Absolutely brilliant app. Fantastic

The best learning tool I have ever used . I will recommend this application to all of my friends. Did not know Spanish could be so fun and easy to learn. Well done!!

The best app for learning foreign languages. The grammar explanation for everything is what I needed :) Works great

The app that I like the most. It is very interesting. It gives me a kind of new life in learning. It will be a good idea if the app allows for one time payment. But it is in your hand still... thanks a lot for the app... Fantastic

Very easy, I'm fast learning the language and I hope to be able to speak fluently soon! Hasta luego! Superb!

Very good app for learning a language. However, this app could be improved by adding the letters or a Spanish keyboard to type in the correct letters and characters when answering the quizes and writing dialog. Superb!

High quality app. Free version reminds you often that you don't have the full content which gets annoying, but the exercises are good and the content fairly interesting. I like that it's split into A1/2/B1/2 levels. Doesn't have C1/2 which is a shame! Would recommend. Fantastic

Love this app. I've used this site on and off for 6 years and love it. My boyfriend and I are paying for the premium version and it's very well worth it. Go well

This is so great. My favourite part is how you correct other people's writing and native or fluent speakers correct yours. Pretty good

Fantastic app. The pictures and games help memorize and make progress really easy. The Premium costs are absolutely fair for what you get and make learning a lot easier then carriyng around books while you are on the go Superb!

I would love English reading of the on screen text. There is a little too much reading for me, I find it hard to learn languages by reading. (I am an English speaker leaning Spanish). Amazing!

Bit flakey on my android tablet Good presentation and teaching method, but doesn't always work cleanly on my tablet and often just hangs or has important bits missing from the screen. Worth it!

3 dimensional learning This program teaches you to speak, read and write the language. They have occasional discounts on the premium version. You can download your lessons, so if you don't have service or Wi-Fi you can keep practicing. Perfect

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