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Worth every penny. So much better than any other app I've tried for the price. Definitely worth spending a little bit of money and having quality lessons rather than using a free app. Works perfectly

A great app to learn the language you love to imbibe ... Would've been cool if it wasn't made premium Great!

I love this app. What I really appreciate is that it allows you to connect with other users and they can correct your work and you can correct theirs. It's amazing!!!! Cool

Very efficient and effective teaching method utilized by virtue of visual, audio, and writing and varied repetition. Perfect!

Good This app is helping me a lot but some of the quizzes I've found to be a little repetitive or short. Flawless

I can do this all day It's fun. Then again I love Portuguese. But it's easy to learn this way. You can go back to earlier lessons and you can save favorite words or words you have problems with to review later. Nice program Muito bom!

Great This app is awesome, if you want to get the most out of it download the full up. The methods it uses to teach a language are effective. Fabulous!

Great way to introduce yourself to the language and pronounciation. Found it very helpful and fun! Marvelous

Should be completely should instead use advertising that is written in Portuguese. That accomplishes dual goals Omg

great, 4 stars since it runs in boot and background, don't see the need, great app probably best one, but don't want my battery and resources suffering love it

Ripped off app! Do not waste time downloading it. They want you to pay. There are countless free apps like this that do a way better job than this crap... Well done!!

This app is fabulous for those who are looking to learn a language. 5 star

Great language and social networking tool. Pretty good

No way to check my pronunciation The way I say words may be wrong but I can't tell. Suggestion: use something like Google translate to test pronunciation, so app can hear me and give feedback. Not bad

Easy to learn. This app makes learning easy and fun. I love it, and it running smoothly on my HTC OneX. Just wow

Fun to practice on the go It doesn't seem to sync with your account, however, so you will have to repeat lessons or just use it to practice things you've done before. Overall busuu is a terrific and fun way to learn a new language and meet lots of nice people. Marvelous

Very detailed and engageing. Stays interesting. Not a crash course I really like this app. I have a hard time learning new languages but this app keeps me motivated. easy to use and progressive so I dont get bored. Love it love it

Great app Wish you could see what you type on the typing portion of the course. But if you don't learn with courses other users will make it much easier and fun. Amazing!

Good, little lessons. I like that I can do one lesson in a short break in my day. Each lesson or segment targets listening, reading, and writing, and does so in a way that one can be successful. It's a good way to get daily exposure to the language. I like that there's a lot of lessons, with a good breadth of topics, not just the usual travel scenarios. Also, the lessons generally have vocabulary ranging from basic to intermediate. Omg

Nice The basic app its quite basic, but still you can practice and do some exercises and listenings. You have also writing exercise checked by other users. Muito bom!

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