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interestingly spectacular on the intellectual side. I don't like how some English translation in the app seem to be rather in the paraphrase idea of the italian. so it seems. Perfect!

interestingly spectacular on the intellectual side. I don't like how some English translation in the app seem to be rather in the paraphrase the idea, so it seems. Worth it!

I think all busuu apps are superb. You get exercises and lots of new words every day. Also you can help other people learning the language you know and be helped by native speakers. Fantastic

Good app. There is a bug when loading exercises, it get stuck in a loading loop and never ends. Recommend

Great app for learning language. Have paid for premium and it is certainly worth the money. Marvelous

Not enough content in free version to get enough of an idea to spend so much per month. Also no option for advanced learners Worth a go!

The subscriptions isn't a price I can call affordable. It's too expensive for just one month. Perfect

It has all you need to learn italian but i give 4 stars because if you want to learn the language without any taxes this app has some really really important contet which is paid Perfect

Awesome App Busy learning Italian and I find this app is perfect for creating challenging situations in order to learn the language properly. The idea of getting native speakers to correct mistakes is just brilliant. Great job

Love it but disappointed Test questions are always the same... get annoyed now. I use on my phone when I'm travelling... what should I do? Flawless

App is good but tooooo expensive I liked the app however we need 1 to 2 years to learn a language and I think the subscription for one year is too expensive. For one year subscription it'll charge me USD 65. I won't pay this much for it. Just wow

Love it but... It works great but when taking quizzes the same questions are repeated multiple times. Haven't had that issues on the website. Surprisingly

Molto bello! One of the finest language learning apps I have met! I enjoy using the app because of the easy UI, the monitor of my progress and the feature of community correction. The quizzes could improve a lot if they stop testing the same over and over. Marvelous

Amazing, easy App I just love the set up of this app. It makes speaking, writing and understanding languages easy enough for everyone to learn. Im loving this App. Highly recommended! Perfect

It's amazing and i like how there are some quick exercises between the lessons. I wish i can have the full version freely. Good

Some levels need to be fixed you can't see some of being the English translations properly Pretty good

Two thumbs up! This is so far the best app I have found for learning Italian and has really helped me improve! Superb!

Learning a language with busuu is interesting. I love learning with busuu. The vocabulary is well reinforced in as many ways as possible. I listen, repeat,match by multiple choice, I write by inserting missing letters.I enjoy learning with busuu and recommend it to my friends. Fabulous!

Content not getting downloaded. Many of the vocabulary contents aren't getting downloaded. Otherwise it is good. If you could look into the matter. Muito bom!

Jesserich Normally I'm not used to rating apps...but busuu has really helped me improve on learning I have to it 4stars . .... love it

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