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Dear developers, thank you for in my opinion the best foreign language learning tool!! For some time I was looking for a reliable app to learn the German grammar. Most other apps are focused only in building the vocabulary, but this is of little value, if don't know the rules of constructing sentences. The strongest part of busuu is gradual immersing in understanding grammar of foreign language through lots of examples and mini quizzes. Grammar learning in this way becomes pure fun, totally different than in skooldaze ;-) There is only one minor complaint, which could be very important for new users. When you register to busuu network, you get an immediate impression that you must take a part in shallow conversations with other members who are learning languages too. This wrong impression almost made me to uninstall the app immediately, and I'm glad I didn't do that. Later I realised that you can take any course you like in any order you like. And also you can completely disable social network part of the app, which was a great relief for me. My complaint is that you could let me know of this option right at the registration! Overall this app with the premium version gives you a great value for small yearly fee. Very small in comparison if you attend some real language course. Good

Grammar notes is not in German for B1 yet B1 tests about Grammar are in German. I really liked Bussu. Was really looking forwards to the new challenges for B1 after I saw the warnings in the first lession about simple instructions are going to be in German... well, none that i can recalled. Yet the B1 certificate test ask about grammar part in german. It was a guessing game for me as i dont want to pull my dictionary out during the test to find out what the questions ask me about the grammar. My choice but I would like to learn these before the test. I think its a valid point that at this level, we should start to see instructions in german and would like bussu team to implement them just like you said you would in the first B1 lession. Thsnk you for your hard works! Works perfectly

Having native speakers correct written and oral exercises is very helpful to the learning process. Works great

I really enjoy this app - it has a much wider variety of exercises than other apps that I have used and the community feature is really good for building confidence. My only gripe would be that you now need to be online to start lessons, even if they have been downloaded. This makes it difficult to use whilst travelling, which was previously a great time to use the app. Well done!!

This app is good. It's very useful. I have one problem, the speaking excersises don't work at all. A message above shows "Oops, something went wrong" Despite that I have downloaded the Pack and gotten a premium subscription! I have 5g internet and my mic is working. but not on this app. Please fix this. Amazing!

Tried to correct someone's Chinese writing. But in edit area my keyboard stuck in English/ German. Couldn't change input method. Then I tried disabling all except Chinese input. Didn't work. At this moment the app may crash. I use android on HTC. Just so you guys know. Appreciate busuu team responds to user comments with substance. Thanks. Perfect!

This app was so cool Do we have the offline mode.I really need that Tks for the best German Learning App ever Just wow

It's one of the best! I love the interaction with real people. I've been searching for an app that has fun quizes, and I found it! I'm getting hooked! I just hope that it will one day make me absolusetly fluent... Marvelous

Ive tried many apps to learn german and definitely busuu is one of the best , i really love it so much and i hope you can add higher levels. Thanks a lot for your efforts guys. Muito bom!

Great approach to learning, with grammar sprinkled in among real life expressions. Amazing community. Pretty good

Really useful and easy to learn with, have tested some other courses before, but nothing like this. Best learning app ever. Go well

There are great problems while synchronising the app and the web version, they always ask you to reinstall the app, which is awful. Other than that, a great learning tool. Still, the web version gives you far greater options 5 star

A great app but how come in the busuu app your German provides more in-level chapters than the busuu: German? Awesome

Application is good for learning. However, there are some bugs. For example, you can't change your name or city in settings. It just doesn't save changes (except photo). Highly Recommend.

I am not able to allow permission for recording voice. The button is not turning on. Brilliant

Perfect app for beginners and not only! Thank you very much for creating Busuu! Brilliant

Better than dualingo! However the app can be buggy sometimes and vocab reviews can be largely improved by adding more options Superb!

I like that I is free and you can all so use it on computer so it is a very good app thank you busuu Flawless

Great application for learning a language. Well set out, just like a university course, and also allows you to sit A1-B2 certificate level tests for your chosen language. Must have Must have

There is only one problem with this app I deleted it and I tried to use my email again but it said that someone already loged into it with that email.But I know that was me who loged into with that email, but it keeped my email even though I deleted it . Other then that it is a really good app Marvelous

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