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I'm learning French. I finished all the lessons but it's only up to upper intermediate B2. So it's not possible to learn everything about a language with this app Recommend

Best app ever I've been using busuu for about a month now and believe me its method of learning is amazing. You progress at your own speed. It's amazing!!! Not bad

I wish it could 1. load faster between excercises. 2. Move directly to the next question when the answer is correct. Omg

I feel that Busuu is very important to learning more about your target language. Because of the fact that you can interact with native speakers that makes learning fun and exciting. Also because all of the users are trying to learn the language it cuts down on the creep factor that is found in other language sharing apps. I think this app should have five stars because it is great! Perfect!

The app is great, but I think it can improve if you add a section to review the grammar lesson like the section to review the words you learn Amazing!

I've been studying on busuu for almost a month and I'm learning Spanish. I've taken classes with other languages in college but never really came away with much even bring at the top of my class. With this app I'm learning at my own pace. It's easy to use as well. Perfect

I'm shocked! This app is so worth it. Great Investment. easy, not time consuming and fun. Connected to other people who are willing to help. We can help each other. You do not feel alone while learning. Better than other apps I've tried. Thanks!!! Flawless

I put it as okay for a simple reason, although it's got a lovely layout from the looks of things. It did not have the language I was looking for, which is Scottish Gaelic. Unless I was blind and missed it... Surprisingly

The app is actually good but lacks teaching would be much better if i were able to listen all the vocabulary that i have learnt in the review section.generally i like this app but it certainly need improvement Good

Besides the complete set of courses, what I most love is the encouraging and supportive community the busuu team provides. love it

It's a good concept. Very impressed about the fast response and resolving issues !on a Sunday! Deserves five stars Cool

I can't believe it took me so long to find this app, and I can't believe it's not the top recommended app for learning Spanish or other languages!! It has all the features I like about other apps, community in Duolingo, offline mode in Memrise, and so much more, like example sentence for every new word, read dialogs, record your own and review other's spoken exercises... Granted it's not free but it's not expensive and cheaper than apps that are not nearly as good. Well done!!

This app is very helpful for learning a different language. It doesn't have Dutch on it, so I am learning German I stead. You can't do everything on it because of you need the premium version. Other than that, I love it. Worth it!

I took French as a second language through high school. Slowly I began to lose my French after I graduated. Fortunately with this app I was able to refresh myself and now I understand the language more than ever. The app offered me an annual rate for the premium version which was at such a better price point than other second language programs (I think I paid just shy of maybe 35$ cdn). The price was such a no brainer that I honestly can't even remember how much it was. I was even able to take my language tests and print off a recognized certificate. The social atmosphere and being able to connect with native speakers of the language you're trying to learn is extraordinary and has helped me speed up my learning. Long story short, I wasn't paid to give this a good rating. This is the first rating I ever gave in my lifetime. The app is honestly that good. If you're trying to refresh or learn a new language, what are you waiting for? Perfect!

Corrections from native speakers really helps a lot. I'm learning Japanese and they always correct me! The communities also super nice :) Just wow

The first lesson is free, but after that only the dialogue and grammar is. Disappointed. wow lol

Useful. It explains you since the begining the lessons with the grammar so you can know how to use the words. I'm learning japanese and french. It's a shame that is not totally free, but there are other apps where you can have support. Worth a go!

مرا حلو لكن ماتطلعلي الترجمه بالعربي ليش ؟ Fantastic

Not a free app like its OK to need money for your app but don't secretly force premium in The things it does give you are good Worth it!

It is so good. Such a shame it's not completely free. Otherwise, I would've already mastered Japanese! Not bad

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