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It would be perfect if the sound didn't keep cutting out. I even have premium and when I download some they don't even work. Just wow

It's a great app, but unfortunately I keep getting an error when trying to upgrade to premium Awesome

Спросто супер советую всем кто учил языки! wow lol

Sounds promising, great job guys, but sound player does not work sometimes, like in lessons 2 for Spanish beginner. Also contact us is not working, i recommend adding short cut for reporting issues. Go well

This is a great app but i personally see this speeding up my language learning process. Writing down and lisening to vocabulary on quizlet is way more fun and faster. Highly Recommend.

If what Im reading is true then you guys are the best. Thanks in advance if I master my Japanese and maybe german Cool

grammar tip идет после предложений в качестве упражнений по нему? is it ok? в упражнениях на слова, когда надо выбрать из трех, во всей серии заданий правильные ответы дублируются, в итоге правильных ответов 2 из 3. спасибо за заботу! часто проблема с проигрыванием звуковых файлов. нельзя заниматься без подключения к интернету, даже загрузив урок. Cool

Loading of the lessons list is always extremely slow independently of how fast the network connection is. Besides that it's a nice learning experience. Works perfectly

Most of the people can't buy premium service..We know that busuu team expend there money and time for this app.... So please open some feature like offline download for free...We appreciate busuu team effort...Thanks Fantastic

I have tried some apps and I must say this one is incredible. The lessons are well-organized. But sometimes the sound cannot play and this must be fixed for learners to hear what it says. Fix this soon and I will rate it 5 stars. Fabulous!

Great so far. Want to upgrade but its just a little out of 3pay maximun which is a shame. Enjoy it!

I like it very much, I'm learning french right now and I want to learn Korean as well but it is not in the app could you add it please. Fantastic

This app is OK. Not very good but after I use it for a few days I'm sure it's easy to use and I'll rate 5 stars. After hearing the truth of Duolingo I recommend this app. Enjoy it!

It is an amazing app. With interactive excersices, many lessons and and extense library of languages Perfect

Попробовав данный сервис мне он очень понравился! Во первых здесь тренеруются все 4 навыка знания языка. Во вторых материял очень хорошо обьясняется. В третих отзывчивая поддержка что мне очень понравилось. При покупки премиум открываются все возможности программы, такие как офлайн. можно скачивать уроки. Постоянные обновления программы! Вообще мне очень порнавилась! Спасибо большое разработчикам этой замечательной программы!!! Flawless

That's strange, I can pick Romania or Moldova as the living countries, but there is no Romanian as native language. You need to be more inclusive at this point. Generally the app is nice! Cool

It is very useful app for someone how wants to learn many languages and communicates with other people who speaks this language. Worth it!

I really like busuu (when it works :/ ) but I really don't like that you have to be always online for the review section and the freaking sound it makes when you have something correct. It is very annoying! Please add the option to turn that off!!! Must have

I love the app, but why there is no grammar tip on turkish language? There is on italian. Fantastic

I want to learn spanish language through this apps so i will comment later datailed. Thank you Perfect

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