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The share options via the messenger doesn't work, saying the error was occurred while downloading. Good

I tried it's good. I paid for upgrade version. But unfortunately upgrade version is not working after paid the payment. Transaction ref# IGACTEDAF7 19/01/2018 5.17 am Flawless

It's all in one package. Great responce from developer. Great interface. Wow app Brilliant

For me this is the perfect app. Exactly what I need for my future clutter-free life! Thank you! Omg

I love keeping those businesses and clients in one area it helps to find them easier than in my contacts Highly Recommend.

I loved the app. But has a 20 card limit. Will have to find another app without any limits. Not bad

It is really a very nice & useful app to which I was searching for years. You have removed my bourdon to manage large numbers of cards manually. Cool

Wanted to give 5 stars.. Its a very good app.. Easy to use.. Attractive and user friendly design........ But there is a technical problem that I faced.. Whenever I want to backup my data into my device.. There is always a error message shown "device storage is not available".. Although I enable all the permissions for this app.. & even After that I faced this.... Please resolve my problem so I wish to give it ***** star Worth a go!

It's what i need it for works well. Helps my business and using referals for other. Perfect

I have recently upgraded to premium because I found this app really handy. One thing I would like to request to the developer. Would you edit the phone details and put cellphone, office and fax number instead of just generic phone1, phone2 and phone3. It's hard to know which is which specially if I need to call my client. Works perfectly

It would be best if the categories display has the capability to view in vertical and horizontal to make it easy scrolling and finding your list. Another thing is if they could combine the scanner and capture capability so I don't have to type all the informations for every calling card I have. Just wow

By far the most user friendly app I have used for cards. Also easy look up no fumbling! Recommend

In short past downloaded. Finding quite simple & efficient to store your business contacts cards' details. Love to use it. Pretty good

Sir I bought the premium, and I formatted the phone, pls suggest how do I reterieve my earlier account, so that I can avoid the 2nd purchase Must have

I have looked for a biz card scanner and most doesn't work that well. I thought this one is ingenious where it combined a capture and details to be keyed in by user a r a customizable level. Well done !! Works perfectly

Fantastic, simple to use and does precisely what it ought to do! 5 stars for the simplicity and ease of use Great job

Best card holder app ever. Has all the features I was looking for in the premium version. Saves me from carrying a booklet. One little thing that could be improved is the option to specify what type of phone you would like to add, as apposed to just "Phone 1", "Phone 2". Works better if it was "Mobile", "Work", "Home". Also a couple crashed when adding a second photo to the contact. But otherwise a very solid app. Works great

Do we have feature to link this to my Google account...or what if i format my phone then will i be able to restore the cards Well done!!

Please remove Get premium from side menu after purchase of Premium feature. or it should show purchased Worth a go!

Works OK, it would be a lot better if cards were alphabetized instead of being in the order they were added. Biggest problem is that I had to do a phone reset and now the app gives me the message "Something went wrong.. Not found working directories of application." and I can't find a contact for help in fixing it. Just wasted a whole bunch of time putting in my collection of cards. Omg

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