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Best game ever you have to play it sometime the levels are hard but once you get the hang of it it will work Fantastic

Why is the score covered up at the end of each session? I want to know how well I did and if I'm close to the next level Awesome

Fun The food looks yummy and it's very challenging. Not many adds which is good. Most people would like this. Just wow

I think I think that this game was awesome because it is easy to make the burgers. And that there is not there many ads and that is fun Worth it!

Burger. Chef This. Game. Could use some improvement. Such as you be able to offer. More. Choices. When making THE burgers. Superb!

Cool I like this game its perfect if you like to cook things quickly and follow the consumer orders and unlock food and drinks with the money you make on the game I give this 4 stars because it's a great game but it would a five star game if it had better levels and more food and drinks to unlock so for me it was a pretty good game

Burger chef I like this game almost as much as "Burger" the graphics could look more appetizing, graphics are a bit flat.

Advert interruption Fix the ads interrupting the game so you loose time and the occasional freezing so when I unfreezes you loose the 10seconds. Apart from that good game

Ok Plz make it better by not having the arrows. I understand if it is for tutorial but it is not and it gets really annoying after the 2nd level. Plz fix that and I will give it 5★

Pretty chill Tapping ingredients on a phone screen is a bit hard. Random ad pops up during making a burger losing your momentum. I love the simple graphics and the chill music.

Burger shop Could be better does anyone know what the real goal is ?there is no way to find out if your doing well or not its plain frustrating for that reason☺

ADS MUST STOP A good game but the ads at the bottom of the screen are so annoying and I keep pressing them by a accident. They are the ruining the game, if they wernt there I wouldnt of deleted the game. So dont bother downloading it because you will get interupted.

Awesome I love it is awesome yeah its the best game ever I play it ever day and no glitches or anything like that

Needs to reset So, I was really liking this games until I got too many products before I was ready. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but it seems like there should be a way to go back to the beginning.

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!! This game is a good game and I love it BUT……… the adds that is the problem only if you fix it I will give you 5 stars I promise :-I

This is so fun and great I love the game it is additive. I can not get off the game i get in trouble because. I always try to finish what i am on get this game it is so much. Funnnn\nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its this games just rated it is a best game it is so fun and addictive you have to get his game and you are going to get lots of things to do and you're going to have to do lots of things but it'sbecause I love it I love the game of the day love the game so you gotta love the ding ding don ding dong ditch

THIS IS A AWESOME GAME don't listen to Hater's I luv this app. Don't listen to Hater's remember if u hate Hater's it makes u a hater

I like it but... The ads really get in the way when you are trying to select certain items to make a burger. Other than that I like the game.

I loved it until the ads started to interrupt I like the game & I understand the need for ads but, these ads interrupt the game , block you from being able to get to certain buttons & actually open up in the middle of your round without pausing the game.

I love this game I love this game the frist cooking game that I a can play all the other ones r really rubbish and I can understand this one

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