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Works for me I'm tracking as I'm in peri menopause and don't want info on my "fertile" days. It's really good for this. I do wish it had a notes on the days of the period so I could add a tiny note on what's going on straight to the app instead in my notes app. Recommend

Simple and Easy Love that it's just what I need. Not a whole mess of other needless options and info. Perfect app just to notify you when it's time!! Love it. And a tiny little discrete widget to go along with it. Great!

Young girl Great for a young girl. Need to be able to change the icon to hide from other . Or just have the bunny with no name listed at the bottom. Also give a section for moods and symptoms. That young girl need to understand the changes.

Very helpful I am about to start school so this really helps me to know when I need to be protected to I can avoid embarrassing moments >\\\<

Just needs one upgrade! I LOVE when Bunny lets me know my period is on the way! It's INCREDIBLY helpful! However, a great feature would be automatic calculation of my average period length. I manually tracked my periods for about 12 months in order to get a decent cycle average. I then input that info into the app, but the length changes often so I have to recalibrate manually. It would be WONDERFUL if Pork 'n' Bunny would calculate it for me! :) Thanks for reading! Many wishes for continued success!

what I think about this app It is very helpfull, and it can notify you anytime before your period. I think it helps me alot and that you should download it.

what I think about this app It is very helpfull, and it can notify you anytime before your period. I think it helps me alot and that you should download it. Highly Recommend.

Sweet It's a great app I would recommend every girl to use it! It's very accurate and who doesn't love pigs and bunnies. Super cute :3

Great for tweens. Brilliant

keeps track of your cycle very well. Flawless

Recommended to all you ladies out there. Worth a go!

Silly but wonderful Just what you need to keep track if you've got a terrible memory like me. Also cute. Useful for set reminders and the future dates page is very important! Great!

Who don't like a cute bunny Its cute, simple, and easy. Unlike the other ones that have way to many pointless things to keep track off. Every girl just wants to know when they are going to start.

Simply. Cute. Easy to use. I gave it five stars for it's simplicity & ease of use. It does exactly what it says on the box, nothing more nothing less. Perfect for just tracking your cycle. If you just want to track when you're due & not worry about ovulation, fertility, temperature etc, then this is a great wee app. Excellent! :-) Recommend

Like the predictor I've been using this app for the last few years. I enjoy being able to just open it & see approximately when my cycle will start instead of having to do it manually. I would just suggest a modifying it to be able to look back at past cycles.

No adjustment You better know your exact cycle length ahead of time, because this app doesn't learn from the info it's given. Also, don't ever hit the "i got my period" button by mistake, because there's no going back! Oh well, who cares, because you can't look back at what's happened in the past months anyway, just at exactly what day you might (or might not) have started. Too bad, because the app is so dang cute! Surprisingly

Good app here Its easy to use and its so helpful In this week I tried lots of apps and this one is a good one u should tried it. when u start it is very easy I love it Superb!

Basically perfect It's easy n simple does exactly what I need. Track and warn me ahead of time for my daughters cycle and simple calender to easily share with the doctor...its a uncomplicated life saver... Not bad

Good way to predict. Great way to predict next monthly cycle, I wish you could look back on past months to keep more of a record but this app does not let me. Highly Recommend.

Good app Best app out there, what I like about the app, is that it doesn't need all the unnecessary app permissions. And also a nice app for woman that are NOT trying to get pregnant, all the other app's are helping you to get pregnant and reminding you to take your pills!!! If I could have everything my way, I would suggest you make the app a little more grown up looking, it looks a bit silly on a 30 year old woman with 3 kids phone.... ha ha ha. But thanks it's awesome. Works perfectly

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