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Mar 26, 2017

Honestly the Devs have really made this very enjoyable. Unlike others that feature on-screen controls, the controls here actually work very well. Not only this but top-notch graphics and everything else included in the package, with it all being well optimised. Works perfectly

Mar 26, 2017

I've had some minor problems, haven't been playing that long. I got locked on the manual slingshot aim and had to restart the app. other than that I've been loving it just like I did the first time I played it for ps2 Worth it!

Mar 26, 2017

Great port! I tried to play this game on pc a few years ago and found the controls too annoying. This is what an Android port done right looks like. The gameplay is fun and the story is engaging. Works great

Mar 26, 2017

I had to pay tax in addition to the game's price but its totally worth it. I love it and I'm just in my second chapter and yes I played it before, many years ago but still no game is like Bully; even after all this time. Go well

Mar 26, 2017

This game is awesome I have beaten the big guy Russel lots of times his weak a haha haha weakling Worth a go!

Mar 26, 2017

2 days I played probably I finished chapter 1 and some missions in chapter 2 after that the game came from the first don't buy waste of money Enjoy it!


Would have been five stars but every so often black textures would appear on the screen blocking my view. Awesome


This is one of the best games if not the best I have ever played on a mobile device. I highly recommend this game. This game is better than it was on console. If you have trouble downloading this game then make sure to contact them via email and your problem will most likely be fixed like mine was. They have great customer support, and they gave me many ways to fix my issue, and because of that I'm now able to play this game. Pretty good


I personally prefer this game on Xbox 360 but don't get me wrong it's still amazing and it brings back good memories. I rem a few years back I used to use my brother's Xbox to play this every single day, Good ol' times Enjoy it!


Awesome game! Exactly like the ps2 version bit with added nostalgia and awesomeness because it's portable, 100% worth the price. I've clocked 30 hours of gameplay on it. Side quests are awesome and fun and the story is so detailed and catches you from the get go! Rockstar thank you for this gift of porting my all time favourite game♡ Perfect


I love the use of the in game clock from older games to use that for classes or it's truancy nice touch Rockstar Not bad


A great port of a fantastic PS2 game with amazing graphics for a phone. I play on the Galaxy S5 which is a pretty old phone and I only have to deal with small frame rate drops in high population areas in game. Other than that, the game is the same, amazing game I grew up playing on the PS2 and Wii. I would recommend buying the game. ONE PROBLEM: I recently received a phone upgrade and went from using a Galaxy S5 to a Galaxy J7 and for whatever reason I can't play the game on a newer phone. Pretty strange to say the least. 5 star


Controls are irritating and they are sluggish and the game has bad lag and I have a SONY XPERIA X PERFORMANCE with a i7 QUAD CORE and a 4K HD Processor and the game just can't work smoothly, even on low graphics it's frame rate is horrible even on my Galaxy S7 Marvelous


Good port of the game, only thing and it kinda bugs me is stuff like you can't stick them in the lockers no more but to be fair most stuff you could do on the PS2 you can do on this version Superb!


the game is great. I loved playing this on my PS2 and it's finally on the play store as well!! although I should mention I've been using a gamepad so no idea about the touch controls. love it


All in all a great port. Only issue I have is with starting the app. Every time I go to start it , I get a app is not responding notice. I have to click the wait button and then it will eventually load. Muito bom!


Fantastic game! Now got this on ps2 ps3 ps4 xbox 360 pc and now mobile! Bully 2 please I begggg Flawless


Well everything is perfect besides the controlls. They're good but could improve 10/10 Works perfectly


This is the first time I ever played bully and I love it. Controls work great on the touch screen. The graphics are very good. Very good setting. Well done!!


Feeling nostalgia... My all time favourite game.. just love the music of this game.. thank you Rockstar Games.. for an android version.. and please make bully 2.. soon.. Worth a go!

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