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Nov 17, 2017

The app is very glitchy, it sometimes doesn't respond to demands and it crashes about every 15 minutes. I'm a huge fan of Bully, and I'd really appreciate if this were fixed. Worth a go!

Nov 17, 2017

In the halloween mission the first prank you gotta do, when you try to slap someone with the paper you end up punching over and over again... should have a dedicated button or something. Fix that and ill give 5 stars. 5 star

Nov 17, 2017

I beat this on the ps2, I have it on the Wii and now I get to play this on the go. Rockstar did an amazing job on this. Booting up takes a little but does not drain battery like the other games out there. Well done!!

Nov 17, 2017

Love it so much but rockstar alot of bully fans love to have bully 2 and can you guys fix the weird glitch every time I get on the bike in garage Perfect!

Nov 17, 2017

I have never played game like this before in my life, it has everything form story to sub mission. And the best part is the girl room (all those peak and kissing), plus it has Open World game or city. Work great on htc m8 Works perfectly

Nov 17, 2017

Kinda annoyed that I bought it thinking it would work on my Nvidia shield pro.........no such luck (kept it so can have a blast on my phone every now and again But still dissapointment) Go well


I played this game when it first came out on the ps2 and now its on mobile my life is completed now all i haft to do is wait for god to rise me into heaven lol Worth it!


They up the graphics the controls are smooth no lag and more missions i promise youll have fun and for 7$?!! This is a must have game if u liked gta 5 gta 4 and san Andreas its a full console game on a phone?? And dont forget that u can use a controller like xbox soo yeaa This a MUST HAVE GAME... Must have


Some element is missing, like, (1) I can't put Kick Me sign on girls, kids, and prefect. I always ended up punching them. (2) No slingshot-scope-added upgrade via gym. (3) No punch damage upgrade via boxing match. Also it bug occasionally, when you loading from autosave before class, you can't move and the UI was gone. You have to restart the game to make it work/getting caught by prefect for Truancy to get into class. Marvelous


Some element is missing, like, I can't put Kick Me sign on girls and kids. I always ended up punching them. Also bug, when you loading from autosave before class, you can't move and the UI is gone. You have to restart the game to make it work. Muito bom!


Good as always rockie. But one thing for sure that in my device (Samsung Galaxy J7 pro) there is a bug. When i ride my bicycle, my gameplay somehow crash. Hope you fix it rockie thx. Superb!


So far all is good with this game, however except for when you dress in your costume on Halloween and you go to do the big prank, it doesn't allow you to move freely because it keeps targeting on other people as you walk by and then it also doesn't allow you to go into the school which is where the office is that you need to go to in order to do the big prank. Other than that the game is fun the controls are easy to use and I've been enjoying this game. Perfect!


I am a huge fan of the Rockstar Games. Even have Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas. I grew up playing these on playstation 2 and it brings back alot of memories. Working offshore...after a long day of hard work I definitely look foward to going to bed and playing this for an hour or two. Keep up the good work Rockstar Games Inc. Fantastic


Ok I got it working on my phone and I'm loving it controls are bit hard to use but it's runs so smoothly And the graphics are amazing Is there a issue with Xbox one controller as I hooked it up to phone and when I look around in bully the camera starts rotating How can I fix that it's annoying If it can be fixed, I will give 5 star Epsxe can be hooked with controller no bother and buttons can be fixed configured properly Why is it a issue with this and gta vice city and San Andreas Also please add the warriors on this Love that game. one thing I'm having a issue with the level balls of snow chapter 3 Cool


Great port... very few light issues. Framerate drops a few times mainly it. Controls work well... I'm horrible at geography Marvelous


When it comes down to mobile games, I could never really choose what games to download. The moment I saw this game on the Google Play Store, I lost my mind due to the fact that Bully is by far my favorite Rockstar Video Game! I've played it on Xbox and now on the Mobile addition and man, I got to say that Rockstar did an amazing job with the updated graphics! The game play is amazing as always and the controls are very easy to manage! The game never lagged out on me not once, and I've got to play it on my new Galaxy S8. I recommend this game if you're looking for a great story line and free roam experience. The map is decent in size and you get to beat people up all The time lol! Worth it!


This is amazing. Console quality at my fingertips. These are the best controls I've ever seen on a mobile console quality game. This game runs at 60fps constantly on my Galaxy note 4 with no hiccups at all. Well done R* worth every penny. Not to mention I was a big fan of the original game I only wish I know that this was available on Android sooner. Great!

Kermit Marrietta

Seems to try and install at 47 percent...Doesn't download completely despite having the space. EDIT: Worked after a while. Turned into the best beat em up/simulator game on android. I wish there was more content after the game ends but the game is still worth it and so much fun. Good


I like it, it get a bit boring but to be honest is really cool just keep doing the story and you always get something new unlock. It would be great if they make bully 2! Perfect


It was sooo addicting buy im, not satisfied if how it ended and it was too short I finished the like just 3 days and I only play it at night. It was too short for me. I think the game was worth buying but at the same time its not... yeah cause it was too short Works perfectly

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