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May 26, 2017

This game is true work of art and fiction. The best you can find here. All the science and experments space travels and aliens all contributed to making of this game. At this point however I have no idea what I am talking about Worth it!

May 26, 2017

I remember playing this game whole day when i had ps2 and now all of a sudden i get to see this game and i got overwhelmed to be honest looking at the graphics and the exact same game with those missions...loved it. Must have

May 26, 2017

This is the greatest game I've played on mobile so worth it and if you think it is not then buy for yourself and find out Brilliant

May 26, 2017

Respect to rockstar, this game runs flawless on my Motorola Moto g5. Loved the nostalgia of playing this classic game and graphics are some of the best I've experienced on android. PLEASE make a sequel for next gen consoles and please release manhunt for android! Good

May 26, 2017

All in all it brings nostalgia back. Amazing game The controls can be a little wonky at times until you get used to it. Awesome

May 26, 2017

Runs great on my HTC 10 and sounds good to this version of the game looks better then the console version I definitely recommend this if you have never played bully before if you have a controller this is the definitive version. Even though this game is on the ps4 the phone version is still the best no doubt Go well


Some bugs are present, camera goes haywire, audio for Pinky is distorted at times, teacher will try to bust you even if you are doing a mission for them past curfew. Otherwise​, an excellent game Cool


The controls are a surprise. The game is sooo good and should have a sequel. 10/10 ign would bully again. Fabulous!


It's definitely stays true to the original (although if your more of a console gamer or if you just don't like touch controls buy or use an Xbox one controller I'm just using touch controls but I'm sure I'll just switch to an Xbox controller soon) Great!


A must have! The only problems you are going to have is that the controls may get unresponsive because your screen may be too dirty Highly Recommend.


I thought it was going to be hard to manage this game with the touch controls etc but NO totally wrong, it's super easy as they've reworked them for IOS and Android and you can also customise them too, plus the game still looks great even after so many years. The only place I can say where it loses on performance for some weird reason(patch maybe?)is when you enter a bathroom(lol)but who the hell stays in the bathroom for the whole experience haha. I definitely recommend buying if your a fan of the game! Perfect


Great game,My only issue is in the nutcracker level it's impossible to beat as only the left side works when you try tapping the right side in the circles at the right time doesn't seem to work plz fix this Superb!


The game keeps crashing on my Xperia x compact after few minutes of playing. Please I need a solution Pretty good


Theres something wrong with it i cant open the app its says unfortunately bully has stopt working i mean comon ive only playd the game for 3 days Just wow


Anyone elses screen start freaking out when you try to ride a bike? Other then that bloody cracker of a game mate Must have


Brilliant! Beautifully done, runs so much smoother than it did on the ps2. I use my Xbox one S controller and stream it on my TV though chrome cast... The nostalgia is real! Awesome


Honestly the Devs have really made this very enjoyable. Unlike others that feature on-screen controls, the controls here actually work very well. Not only this but top-notch graphics and everything else included in the package, with it all being well optimised. Works perfectly


I've had some minor problems, haven't been playing that long. I got locked on the manual slingshot aim and had to restart the app. other than that I've been loving it just like I did the first time I played it for ps2 Worth it!


Great port! I tried to play this game on pc a few years ago and found the controls too annoying. This is what an Android port done right looks like. The gameplay is fun and the story is engaging. Works great


I had to pay tax in addition to the game's price but its totally worth it. I love it and I'm just in my second chapter and yes I played it before, many years ago but still no game is like Bully; even after all this time. Go well

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