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Jul 26, 2017

great game if you leave the clarity medium and shadows low if you dont want frame drops. this and gta san andreas and max payne are my favorite. worth the money and time 5 star

Jul 26, 2017

I love this game I'm looking forward Bully 2 some bug in this game while took by cycle screen going up and down that only problem otherwise it's awesome. Please give next game Not bad

Jul 26, 2017

Just awesome. The only complaint is the colors on the face buttons. I mean, A is supposed to be Green, and B supposed to be Red, and so on, like the PC when playing with a controller. But I guess I can get used to. Perfect!

Jul 26, 2017

I loved this game the on console, and I love it on here. It is a great game to play. Easy to past time with too. Pretty good

Jul 26, 2017

Hard to single out on character to Target... But it's still the same game I loved growing up Cool

Jul 26, 2017

Game is great, but has a few minor problems. I was playing a mission at the carnival (go cart) and after the race finished it's just a black screen saying "knocked out" and keeps blurring in and out of just the words then black screen. It runs perfect on my galaxy j7 so I'm assuming i have to re-install this and start over... Marvelous


My only issue is that It won't let me sign into rockstar. I almost had the game completed but broke my s7 edge and had to get a replacement, thus having to start all over. I thought maybe this could've just been my phone specifically not communicating with the rockstar servers but after getting my replacement phone I still have the same issue. Just wow


I love this game i saw a YouTuber play it and totally wanted to play it and I'm not unhappy. Best money spent. Even greater on a device with HDMI to play on your TV. For a port this is great. Fabulous!


Beautiful game! Brings me back to the PlayStation 2 days. I love it just like I loved it back then. But now I can play it anywhere, anytime. Good


This is the game I loved to play again by rockstar.. I hope the senior year project come early along with the red dead redemption Great job


Best Game Ever. Please add more chapters/storyline please! Most recommended game on Plays Store definitely!!! Superb!


the game isn't well optimized and some missions are buggy but apart from that bully is one of the best games of all time. Just wow


Everything I Loved & then some. Spectacular! Works perfect for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Well done!!


Great game. Controls are a little glitch though. Other than that, amazing gameplay and graphics. Flawless


The only bad thing I have to say about the game is it locks on to wrong person sometimes but other then that it's the full console experience Cool


Amazing game hardly any bugs and amazingly optimized. Game took me roughly 10 hours to beat with about a 90% completion rate. Worth it. Recommend


The game is good for the most part... just hoping for an update that fixes a few issues with lag, button recognition, and sound distortion. Currently using Galaxy S8 plus so I know my device is not the issue here. Please fix these issues and then I will update to 5 stars Awesome


Most games I download rarely get played anymore if ever. Found this on accident and I'm hooked. Love the flat fee, no in-game purchase platform. Wish more we're like it. Great job


This game is true work of art and fiction. The best you can find here. All the science and experments space travels and aliens all contributed to making of this game. At this point however I have no idea what I am talking about Worth it!


I remember playing this game whole day when i had ps2 and now all of a sudden i get to see this game and i got overwhelmed to be honest looking at the graphics and the exact same game with those missions...loved it. Must have

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