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Sep 23, 2017

Great port... very few light issues. Framerate drops a few times mainly it. Controls work well... I'm horrible at geography Marvelous

Sep 23, 2017

When it comes down to mobile games, I could never really choose what games to download. The moment I saw this game on the Google Play Store, I lost my mind due to the fact that Bully is by far my favorite Rockstar Video Game! I've played it on Xbox and now on the Mobile addition and man, I got to say that Rockstar did an amazing job with the updated graphics! The game play is amazing as always and the controls are very easy to manage! The game never lagged out on me not once, and I've got to play it on my new Galaxy S8. I recommend this game if you're looking for a great story line and free roam experience. The map is decent in size and you get to beat people up all The time lol! Worth it!

Sep 23, 2017

This is amazing. Console quality at my fingertips. These are the best controls I've ever seen on a mobile console quality game. This game runs at 60fps constantly on my Galaxy note 4 with no hiccups at all. Well done R* worth every penny. Not to mention I was a big fan of the original game I only wish I know that this was available on Android sooner. Great!

Kermit Marrietta
Sep 23, 2017

Seems to try and install at 47 percent...Doesn't download completely despite having the space. EDIT: Worked after a while. Turned into the best beat em up/simulator game on android. I wish there was more content after the game ends but the game is still worth it and so much fun. Good

Sep 23, 2017

I like it, it get a bit boring but to be honest is really cool just keep doing the story and you always get something new unlock. It would be great if they make bully 2! Perfect

Sep 23, 2017

It was sooo addicting buy im, not satisfied if how it ended and it was too short I finished the like just 3 days and I only play it at night. It was too short for me. I think the game was worth buying but at the same time its not... yeah cause it was too short Works perfectly


This game is rly awesome just like i remembered it, it barely lags but,it will a little sometimes and it froze a couple of times too and there. Is a few small glitches Brilliant


It's a better version of Bully than the one I bought on PS4. Looks better, more content AND runs better. The controls are finicky sometimes but that's just because there are so many options. Perfect


I've played Bully on my PC since 2010 and every time I replayed it from the beginning has been a joy. Playing it on my mobile definitely feels great when I have nothing to do when I am not at home. I get the same feelings as the other times I've played it. Graphics are pretty good, controls are a bit confusing at first and a bit difficult to use but you can get used to it pretty easily. Highly recommend it, worth every penny. Superb!


I was pleasantly suprised to see how well Bully ran on my Samsung S7 considering it was a full game. Having experienced issues with GTA San Andreas, I was pleased that Bully ran so smoothly. I highly recomend this game Highly Recommend.


I love the game overall i beat it in a week but i had to delete because it was taking up space so when i downloaded it again it started me all over of even though i logged in to my rockstar account and my accomplishments are still there Marvelous


I think its worth buying this game, its pretty fun and bring back memories, i'am looking foward for another console games port to android, and so far Rockstar did great job on porting this game i see it runs well on my galaxy s5 Good


The only thing I think could be made better is, while moving you run in small spaces to fast and stuck random walls, but great game...100000000\10 Great Story Worth it!


I play on the Samsung s5 and I had a problem at frist where it wouldn't load but I uninstalled it an re installed it and not had a problem since really love the game takes me back to when I was a kid Great job


Only thing you need to improve on is the buttons..if I drive a pedal bike or a scooter u press to turn and it slowly does it apart from that fantastic hit of a game Amazing!


When I got the rubber band ball glitch is still here I can't throw the ball I really sad pls please add the rubber band ball in are room so we can't lose it and can get it again Brilliant


It's one of my favorite PC games. I got 100% but would like to suggest a minor change, I didn't get any tattoo in game, make it so that the individual needs to get atleast one tattoo for 100%. Thank you. Cool


great game if you leave the clarity medium and shadows low if you dont want frame drops. this and gta san andreas and max payne are my favorite. worth the money and time 5 star


I love this game I'm looking forward Bully 2 some bug in this game while took by cycle screen going up and down that only problem otherwise it's awesome. Please give next game Not bad


Just awesome. The only complaint is the colors on the face buttons. I mean, A is supposed to be Green, and B supposed to be Red, and so on, like the PC when playing with a controller. But I guess I can get used to. Perfect!

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