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I love it but I have to find tree's with no leaves in This game is herobrine666 it's a far away place and I can't find it my sister only joins my game not any one Else and I wish it could be like that!!! Flawless

Its a really good game if you don't want to buy Minecraft, it does'nt have as good features but its still pretty good. Tho on my Ipad it works PERFECTLY but on my BRAND NEW OPPO phone every time i press to make a world it says "error". As i said this only happens to all devises so if you don't want to pay for Minecraft then download this. Btw could you PLEASE put name tags on the animals!! Muito bom!

.......THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! By the way I'm in Poland. This game has good graphics,cute animals,but I think you should put some ocelot,s and make tame able bats and add mangos to the food thingy to tame bats Cool

On my other electronic my house burnt down so i found a new place which was a cave Awesome

The only egg in the whole game doesn't work and it needs to be fixed and the dogs should have name tags I love this game but it still needs to be fixed and every time I spawn in a dog it kills it in 5seconds and it not me doing it and my phone is brand new and the d pad size needs to be bigger Perfect

I love love love this game. It is a total thing to get. But, can you guys add horses and things horse need. Alos more kinds of animals, like ocelots. Oh, and also different kinds of doors. The oak door kinda gets boring. Again, everyone needs this game!!!!!!! Marvelous

Your game is bad because it's hang my mobile and this game don't have nether and game banned this game you not update this game you have 20 days to update you can't update so I am banned this game okkk Good

Same as all the games that u make. Please do me a favor and make a multi player mode on update 1.2 and also put a search blocks list and add potions and a wand to cast spells and add enchanted books and experience orbs and hunger. Recommend

I love this game it's probably the best building game I have ever played Good

I love ❤️ this it is the best game ever everyone who said it stinks their tablets or whatever are messed up because I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!

I think it would be more fun with more animals and if you could ride a horse and more fish in the ocean and if there was people to talk to on it Works great

Labai geras žaidimas man labai patiktų jei neriaiketu ieškot kaimelio Go well

In am make a castle after it complete I am send pictures and my seed is 51539 pls try wow lol

First. This is a game. Second: This person Literally copied off Minecraft. When I looked in the creative inventory. It looked almost exactly the same. Recommend

The problem is that are there even monsters but it is very very cool and can pass time very quickly Works perfectly

Ok je ali ima tako mnogo reklama da ne mozes od njih da igras, a I ima CEEEESTE probleme.Npr mene stalno izbacuje a znm da nije do mog telefona zato sto ostale igre glatko prima a takođe, izbacuje I moju drugaricu, I da, zasto namate konja da se spawnuje??? Malo dorade I bice ok;-) Omg

This is the best Minecraft game you can imagine. It's got everything. Build your own farm with different kinds of animals. Marvelous

This is the BEST game ever. It has everything I wanted. But there are always ads popping up, can you please fix that. Thank you and I gave it 5 stars to help you guys. Thanks again! Pretty good

I love this minecraft game but how can we go to the End Portel . I'm sorry if the spelling is wrong. Works great

Umm...its kinda good but its very laggy thats my only problem..fix it and il play it..minecraft is still better though :/ Brilliant

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