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Its just like mine craft I like there is one thing rong it can get boring but I DONT CARE I LOVE IT WOOP EDES WOOP EDES COS I DONT CARE I LOVE IT Works great

Really good like minecraft but i dont have it because i have to pay.But this is free and i love it.Contols are ok i guess but im used to z X box and that lol Fabulous!

It's very good and I am very excited about this game and I am very interested in the game Cool

I love the game!!!!! Last year I installed it but I really liked another game and had to make space, so I Uninstall I. But now I want it back!!!! Not bad

It is the best game I ever had I love it thank you so much for making the best game ever Go well

I don't understand how to play this game because when I open it all the things that I build dissapeared. Hope u fix these things. Great!

It has too many ads and and once you in Creative you can't change back into survival unless you say and you go back to 2 main menu 5 star

Really like the game when I played it on tablet but I really hope I enjoy it as much on my phone wish of luck please lol Works great

It's fun and I play it every day but can we have a mode where you can playwith other people? love it

Well.... this game is....nice I guess. But who agrees withe the ads r rather anoyying Please reply who agrees with me love it

A BIT GLICHY I realy do love it but when I go in a sartan directun for to long and then let go it ceaps makeing me go in that direction and after an advert it freasis and some times when I get a block at and dont tap eny were it will add rite behind me Just wow

I love this because I love mincraft so it is really good even now I wanted real mincraft Marvelous

It is good but every time an ad plays and once you go back to the game it glitches and bugs out alot can you fix it please? I am going to uninstall this app if you don't ...... The app is great but it still needs that bug fixed.....also please add chests to the game it would be great! Well done!!

Good, but the SPIDERS!!!! They give me nightmares! Plz, no more SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that gr8t. Enjoy it!

There is not really a lot you can do in this game. The enemies chase u around forever, the blocks always are places where you dont want them to be and they are really hard to break afterwards. Must have

Fix it pls every time a add pops up it kicks me out the game so I have to save before and I pops up or else all my progress gets deleted please fix it Great!

You should look up craft exploration survival its better and just like pe but free Great!

Guys you are all wrong this game is so fun and it is not boring so quit being jerks and stop being bullys Superb!

I like the game no matter the bug it's hard to control I have to admit but this is a good game that I have to say good job on this game just fix the bugs k Recommend

The graphics is horrible and it's really hard on survival cuz it's like I can't move . Don't get this game unless you are a professional. Muito bom!

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