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I like the game but only problem is it's got too many advertising in it... less advertising then it would be a better game.. And the ads at the bottom that cover half the game up is really annoying for me (don't know about anyone else) if you sort all of these ads out then I will give it a 5* rating! But atm I can't give it anymore than what I have... would be on the game more than 5 minutes if it didn't have them every time you clicked on play!..... sort it out or it is getting deleted and you will be getting 1 star but that will mean it will be no stars in my eyes seen as you can't give less than 1!!!! Muito bom!

This game is cute and the graphics are adorable but way too easy. It should be a little more challenging. The other thing is the thing that shoots the bubbles sticks. Will do a few more levels. If it doesn't get any better will uninstall. Also, way too many adds. Marvelous

This game is relaxing and yet ,to easy. I've been addicted to bubble shooting games since the very first Bubble Witch Saga came out long ago!! I like this game bt needs to be more challenging ;) Perfect

If it weren't for the annoying ads I would have rated this higher. They pop up after each level! Awesome

I love this app and my name is ananya hi and buy i am so much fuñy na by all of youbye I am so funny now bye Not bad

It's not bad. It just needs better quality and voice overs. It also need to stop buffering so much and then it will be perfect. Well done!!

Its pretty cool it kind of works on your skills i mean its for little kids but its a pretty good game i was just playing it to earn some gold on baseball TSB and then i got into it because​ it is actually a really interesting game its cool even if im not a little kid i think im on level 17 now and i just downloaded it idk how many levels there are but i kind of want to beat the game Cool

Great time to play with lots of fun ahead!! *<[:-}69{-:]>* Go well

I have to admit this game is not only addictive it is actually a lot of mindless entertainment. Really enjoying it. Great for traeling. wow lol

Smebdy help me I cant play is level it's getting hanging Ian at level 1846 I can't go fargatther ofcourse the game getting hang and throw it of game Marvelous

What do these chicken duck adorable looking things do? Whys it cost so much to get em? Highly Recommend.

Like it but it sounds like she is saying p*ssy can you fix that there are kids playing this :-\ Cool

Great and addictive game. But it won't let me go past level 1970. Is that the end of the game??? Superb!

It is very interesting to play the levels are very easy to play for kids I am enjoying this game it is very fun play game I love this game it is wonderful to play so you also can download this game and enjoy it Worth it!

It's cute, but one of the most boring bubble shooting games. Also, there are soooo many ads. Cool

I love that this game doesn't try to sell me things to get ahead. Its just mindless entertainment. I don't mind the ads, and if you play long enough, they even let you stop the ads for the day#! Great!

i love games like this especially ones thst dont need wifi because my house doesnt have the best wifi Recommend

It is a good game, but it has so many ads right before you start eahc level, and after each level. If you read this do not get mad I warned you. The ads start at level 8. Enjoy it!

I Like this game But there's Too many Apps to Do and i Don't know Which one to pick But Each time when i pick one I Think i didnt pick this one but i picked the same one Again So i give this a 4 star Rating Well done!!

Cute and fun addictive. Great time killer. Helps me relax. My 8 yr old loves it as well. Good

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