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Alots of avatice doring the game and I can not play by the Í am listening music because music stop right a way Worth it!

Yes, I like this game! It's fun! A couple of times it froze my phone up and wouldn't close unless I rebooted. Then, a notice popped up saying the game's not responding. It's only happened a couple of times, but I still enjoy the game! Cool

خیلی خیلی باحالهههههههه.حتما دانلود کنید Muito bom!

Very easy but good time killer. I keep reading how addictive it is but I have not found that to be the case. Since its not mentally stimulating its too easy and loses my interest quickly. But I have a higher than average iq so most people may find this game not quite add easy as I Pretty good

If u can move the treasure chest down because it's gets in the way of shooting range Well done!!

I like that it is easy to play,but my favorite part is that you have to wait till you beat one section of the map before you can see the next part.l like to be surprised at what the next part of the map is going to look like Worth it!

Time consuming,worth it after a while and repetitive in pattern! But,consistent in its fun! Muito bom!

I love this game. Played over 3000 levels and then it froze up...Wish you could fix this problem... 5 star

Lots of ads but you get in game rewards for looking at them. A good way to pass short amounts of time. Awesome

Can't get all your stars in the beginning or further on ! What happened to the game? Good

Unexpectedly, I didn't delete after 1st run, as for others! I couldn't stop playing either! Wish the issues for higher levels are fixed Omg

This is a cute little logical shooting game. (I like that it is more original than the usual turn this tile to have 3 side by side kind of thing.) Awesome

Excellent game to play don't mind the ads as they don't really interfere with the game too much Go well

Got to level 2346 and it keeps freezing, have played this level 3 times, and the free video doesn't always work Worth a go!

Best game ever... I feel happy each time I play the game.. Keep it up and God bless Works perfectly

One thing makes this game a 4 instead of a 5. I played the 7th game over 4 times lost the first time and played again and won. Got 3 stars got 3 stars but when I went to go to the next level it show only 2. Levels 8 thru 12 I won first time. Level 13 I lost and the same thing happened as level 7. Other than that I really like the game. Very cute graphics. Amazing!

Very nice games but the game is not working after 3410 level pl. Solve my problem is want to play the next level Pretty good

Don't send ads pl again n again otherwise the game is very easy n good I love playing it Brilliant

Pretty nice game loved it don't regret downloading this game tho I'm not much of a game lover Marvelous

The game is addictive. Am crazy a bout it, but now when I reached 3410, it just stopped, cannot go to the next. Don't know what happened. Please help,wanna play more Just wow

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