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Love this game... i'm 77 years young, and cannot play any games that are timed, or need speed to get through.. this game is perfect... wish more people would keep us oldies in mind as we still like to think and play... thank you for not limiting this to 5 lives.. plus being able to play on one level till we get the 3 stars.... Works perfectly

No endless levels only goes to 500 after the update. Was on level 1200. Who wants to play the same level over and over. Use to be a cool game now will probably delete it Great job

Something wrong with the "winning" process. Game stopped advancing to the next level. Now the player needs to manually select the next number/level, in order to advance. 5 star

The game does not automatically advance to the next level after level 160 like most bubble shooter games. To advance have to go to the menu to choose the next level. Worth it!

I think it a good game play for us it a play nice play for it game it a time PSS game for in free time Muito bom!

I am at level 680 and as soon as I start playing it shuts off every time I try to play Great job

Color sequence for jumping ahead off, catch up color, limits ability to jump. Targeting fair. Pretty good

It is something that makes time pass by if you have nothing to do or you are bored. Awesome

I like it soooh much that I play sometimes at midnight coming form toilet .My attendant who look after me for last20 years becomes angry as my health will be turned down next day Omg

Im having the same problem as most of you. I got to around level 164 and it made me go back to the menu to go to the next level. Someone really needs to fix this, I like the game just not having to go back to the menu every time you beat a level. Well done!!

Love this game I can't even do my chores with my phone batry ful Recommend

The levels don't change automatically I have to go back and do it every time and this started when I went to the ends of 200s Worth a go!

I should be working, instead I am playing. I am so addicted to it. The graphics are great. I love the colors. You did a wonderful job. I haven't had time to figure out how to get rid of the ads. Thank you Surprisingly

Just started playing this, and it has cool bubble graphics and nice music. Will update later. It would be cool to have fish in bubbles that when popped, they would swim around, and maybe go into seashells giving u extra points. Awesome

The only thing I didn't like us the fact that I had to keep going back to menu to continue to the next level, if you don't you keep playing the same level over and over...This happens when you start levels in the 100's! Please fix! Thank you Good

It has a little bit of challenge which I like you have to get your brain working on some of the levels I am on level 112 and have not been booted off I love this game Worth a go!

It's ok! Average. After playing another game similar to this, it feels kinda slow. Omg

I love this game I give it a five star but the only thing I don't like about this game !! Everytime I turn around the advertisement is in front of the game and it makes me upset. They need to do something to cut down some of this advertisement has why some time I don't want to really play the game but I love the game please help stop the advertisement so much Works perfectly

Like the game alot.. Don't like all the ads it's frustrating.. Some videos won't load Makes you miss extra bubbles.. and coins.. Only gives 3 extra bubbles all others gives 5 .. Works perfectly

Bubble Shooters are great time-passing games, but they really need to have consistent aiming physics. I hate to be picky, and this is a fun game, but the aiming is horribly inconsistent. I never know from one shot to the next if I'll hit where I'm aiming. Since that's the point of these games, I'd say that's a big problem. wow lol

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