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It's really fun every once in a while. No mess ups, barely any ads makes ya use ur head Flawless

I love the game but the ad's every win is annoying.especially win you have to watch a video for everything elc.. Pretty good

Only bad things is an ad every time. Would be fine if every three plus times like other games. Just wow

Games freeze up occasionally. Should not have an add after every game. It gets frustrating & I think they are cause the freeze ups. Well done!!

If you buy extra shots and complete a level successfully the game fails to move you onto the next level - so what's the point?! Enjoy it!

Spent 180 coins to end a level ive been stuck on and as i hit the coin button that would have been 195 coins the ap gave me an error and lost the whole game and all coins. Total BS. Go well

Good game....but annoying ads but I suppose they need to make money somehow...however one should be able to exit out of a ad when no reward is being given (you are forced to watch the whole of an ad) Surprisingly

My app isn't working after updating my phone and I'm really sad about it because I'm on level 780 or something and I'd love to beat it Works great

Great game though the necessary advertisements are presented in a very irritating way and cannot be avoided. I do enjoy the lack of unnecessary cutsie graphics. Good

Before you made the changes I was able to get coins for just playing offline but now I have to find a place to get wifi to get coins since I don't have wifi at home. Can you please suggest another app so I can uninstall this and get an offline app... Thanks. Just wow

Hate that it shuts down the app after finishing levels....otherwise super addictive 5 star

The game is ok but it would be alot better if the thing would quit freezing on me Highly Recommend.

The game worked and now it just crashes when i finish a level and won't let me move on Fantastic

Too many adverts on latest update. Have to watch a full advert between every level is too much. No option to click past the advert. 5 stars if this issue is fixed. ......Thanks didn't know I could get ads free version. 5 star

The game was too easy didn't get me as hooked as I should, could've use more perks of different kinds of balls. Great job

Great time filler, challenging and fun, little addictive lol hate that connect to GB and had to restart at level 1. weeks of play gone :-( Fabulous!

The game is mostly fun but at the higher levels it will give you will give you 20 unplayable colors in a row, that feels like a rip off. Frequently the movies play but don't give the coin. Recommend

Been strugling with level 389 for more than a week. Just does not give you the colour balls you need for the line-up you play! Worth it!

It is a good game for when you need something to keep yourself occupied for a while Perfect!

To many adds you cant skip, needs more coins after a win and more balls to play. Most of all its a good time killer Flawless

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