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Good game but you can't play early in the morning the bonus noise is too loud and can't be muted Brilliant

It would be nice if the game would save your scores for the leader board instead of starting over. Also add a back or exit button. Good

Definitely a great way to keep you busy. I like it. Except that it glitches out during the middle of the game Perfect!

Game is good but it should also save the state when I mute the sound and music and every time I have to manually do it on start up Brilliant

Could do with a 'back button' symbol to help. Since I am a bit colour blind the colour for yellow and green one could be darker to help. Otherwise a really adictive game and enjoyable as you learn where to punch your finger. wow lol

Very entertaining and additive. Need to think before you move. Good for your brain. Cool

This recent update has some bugs. It won't let me exit and the reader board doesn't display after the round. Perfect!

Ads don't cover the playing area. Not even close. Not sure what that person is talking about. Great game! Great!

Real fun.. I prefer casual mode.. Today completed 1511 level and 6million points.. Not sure if anyone is as crazy about the game as me Perfect

I am so glad that I can chose which way to play! This is fun! I love the color. I sometimes don't get sound but wen I do its funny and cheers me up when I need to de- stress Well done!!

Surviver does not play out. Glitches. Some of the burst bubbles dont bust & dispers then scoreing stops & bubles dont drop or feed through. Amazing!

Great! I'm stuck on this game..needs more objectives to make game even more interesting Works perfectly

I am Richard I play bubble breaker all the time when I am bored I get this game a better then playing anything else Omg

I don't like the game on and you can't get to the game there's no way to put somebody in front of Indian by chance you somehow miraculously game I am tired and been there more to come something else and Commercial. Who wants to do all of this this isn't necessary Great job

It's alright a few or more than a few the game froze and I had to shut it down a few times Worth it!

Had great fun with this game, only problem is I've had to uninstall it a couple of times, because screen kept freezing, and only way I could stop it freezing. Which meant I lost my highest score. Recommend

It was great and fun before the uprade. You added more features and made it more interactive but unfortunately it just lacks that 'thing' Great!

The memories I used to play this game with my mum years ago. It is such a great memory. We used to play it to pass time when we were waiting. I remember when my mum taught me how to play it, and this is by far the best version I have been able to find. My brother and I now have competitions for it. My highest score was in the 130000s. Great game. Absolutely love it. 5 star

The ads are annoying and they end the sequence of levels. Please do away with the ads love it

Very well done on getting it to apply to everyone which is SO HARD to do. There are people of ALL ages, levels, dexterity etc...great job!!! Great job

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