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Very much time consuming and interesting game..all should try it. You will never leave it Great!

It is mind boggling how such a simple little game can becom e so challenging! This game has replaced my sudoku and my numbers puzzles. It's my newest go to game when I can grab a minute to spare. Only problem is I never want to put it back down! Not bad

I love this game from MAGMA & admit to being an addict :-) peace & love: MentalJuan. Highly Recommend.

The only problem is I enjoy it way too much... perfect when I'm waiting in line! 5 star

Finished Level 1 couldn't get Level 2 to come up so restarted game having just as much fun playing it again as I did the first time Flawless

Loved this game years ago and couldn't remember the name, got my new tablet and was over the moon to rediscover it in the play store, x Fabulous!

I love this game! It is fun playing with the bubble frogs' enemies in over 7,999 levels! Perfect

I love this game. I love it so much. I've been playing this game from long time. Till now i still love it without bored. Well now i'm on world 50. Great! Fantastic! Recommend

Love love love this game!!!!! My favorite game. Thanks to those who took the time to develope this one. Cool

Good game I actually like this game. It's very good. Besides taking up little space it's a real brain teaser. Recommend

LG G3 Love love love this game!!!!! My newest favorite game. Thanks to those who took the time to develope this one. Marvelous

Truthrus2 Good game but needs diffrent backgrounds other than the same boat going across the sea on each levil it would be nice if you could use pictures from your gallery alow this and i will give it 5 stars Pretty good

Wonderful Fun One of my favorite games, year after year after year. I always return to it, which I can only say about two other games (And it doesn't cost me money to be successful playing it, as so many other games do nowadays.) Works great

graphics r a little 'flat' but otherwise a pretty good game. wakes up ur brain lol. Amazing!

Bubble blast boxes Enjoy solving the puzzle levels, the arcade game is good, the blocks are hard to manipulate at times, mildly frustrating, but over all, I'm going to play through as far as I can. Brilliant

Once you use your hint, you can't use another one for 3 hours, + it's not really a hint, it's the complete answer. Wish there was hints for single moves. Other than that, Great Game Surprisingly

My favorite app! I really love this game! I wish it rated you on 3 levels instead of Way to Go!, Great!, and Excellent Work! Only because I like to be recognized for my hard work!! Lol! Good

Bubble Blast Great game except sometimes the blocks will not move .Great brain exercise ,fast paced. Superb!

LG G3 Love love love this game!!!!! Thanks to those who took the time to develope this one. Cool

Fun Like that it increases in difficulty. Would like to be able to undo one move at a time. Perfect!

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