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Unable to save or share scanned documents in Android phone. Gives internal error. Brother tech was also not able to resolve this. Hope it can be fixed. Marvelous

Brother went the extra mile with this app! So easy to use and connect my tablets, phones and my new MFC- L2750DW. I use 4 of this machines 3 at the office and one at home... Excellent machines just one small issue the color screen should be bigger, other than that I'm so happy with the app and the printers. Thank for great the app and printers. Omg

The iPad app works very well, but on my Chromebook it doesn't seem to support the same PDF document that works on the iPad app Fabulous!

When it's good, it's VERY good, but...when it's bad, it's unbelieveably AWFUL: it can be very "hit and miss", unreliable and quirky! However, if you can accept its unpredictability, it can be extremely useful, and, I must admit, Brother Online help and support for their products is brilliant! Perfect!

This app has worked wonderfully until today, when suddenly from my Android phone it can no longer find my printer over wifi..Both are on the same network, tired multiple troubleshooting checks like turning both devices on and off, deleting and re-adding the app, etc. Phone has not updated since I last used the app. The scan button doesn't even appear, just print. I tried from my iPad and initially it did not work but after adding the printer back manually the scan button reappeared and it works. Good

This app Works well most of the time and gives excellent results. The reason for 4 vs 5 starts is when it doesn't work it is very frustrating and there doesn't seem to be A tweak to make it work. That said I print pictures and documents with it and it detects what you are printing and paper type in the printer well. Worth a go!

This app works pretty well! The only thing I'd like is to be able to use an email other than Google. I can't find that option anywhere. Works perfectly

I downloaded this App for my DCP T710W, however the paper size Folio or 8x13 is not available from the paper size choices in the app. Hope they can have that paper size added. Especially said size is commonly used here in the Philippines. Otherwise, when we print using the Legal paper size, the resulting printout is either cut short or not at all centered.. Omg

Sebelumnya saya bisa print/scan hanya dengan menghubungkan wifi handphone ke modem dan wifi printer ke modem, sekarang mengapa tidak bisa lagi, harus wifi direct dari handphone ke printer ? Apalagi harus ada konfirmasi terima sambungan pada printer, agak menyulitkan apabila letak printer jauh... Mohon perbaikannya, terimakasih Muito bom!

Actually its very good app. Easy to use But I have a problem , I have 3 brother printers in my house that can print via wifi. Everytime I change printer I have to remove printer in the app and enter new IP of other printer that I want to use. So some time I have to walk to other room to use to same printer as before. Because it take time to find IP and enter new one. Go well

When this app functions as it should, it's great. But man it is glitchy. You never know if it will work or not, sometimes it takes ages to connect or "process." And now it is telling me "internal error: cannot continue." all the time. So, not even sure what to do at that point to troubleshoot it. I always end up just printing elsewhere lately. Pretty disappointed. Perfect!

My security software had an issue with the app. and I uninstalled the it, seems to be issues with the update from other reviews, previously loved the app Flawless

I never knew this app will be so amazing. Now I will not need my laptop always to print my stuff. Also I've always loved my brother printer ever since I've purchased it. Thank you so much "brother". Worth a go!

Printed fast and everything was good, happy to have the option for double sided and others. Fabulous!

Always works, easy setup on phone, tablet, just share/send to the app and voila. Higher resolution would be nice. Worth a go!

Brilliant app. Works with my LC985 with no problems. So easy to use once you have found the printer. Well done!!

PITA flaws with the interface. Hitting the back button during printing immediately cancels the print. Awesome

slow but very powerful on the Samsung Tab 3. Gives excellent control over which pages to print, how to print. If it was faster, 5 stars! Perfect!

Nice straight-forward app. Rendering is a bit slow but I can live with it. First annoyance is that I have to stop my VPN connection to print. Local printers should *always* be accessible via wlan0, even when tun0 is active. Something else I find even more annoying, is that it's NOT possible to change the colour/grayscale setting. Also, "draft" (or "fast") quality is missing from the list. I found a Brother-made PDF about this app, which says it *is* possible to change those settings. I've never seen those options in all the years I've been using my my smartphones and tablets. So I guess such settings were either removed, or vary according to hardware and/or Android version If this is the case, I can't imagine why ! Those 3 problems should be fixed ASAP IMO. Awesome

It just shows an error while printing PDF files. Not a single file but every PDF Fantastic

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