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Top 50 Funktioniert nicht mehr (Für mich?) "Kein Internet Verbindung" erscheint jedes mal obwohl mein Internet aktiv Und funktionierend ist... Not bad

Love it I love the widget and I would like the feature to save my preferences to the cloud and import the after a reset factory. Not bad

Why am I always re-buying this on another device? Every time I get a new device! Come on!! Amazing!

Great app, I would just add the ability to pin a favourite saying or two to the open page. Muito bom!

The very best Quotation app. A great reference tool to use in all forms of communication! Amazing!

Had it since my very first Android on my Xperia x10 and will stay with me to my last ☺ Fabulous!

Highly recommend! I love this app! It has a smaller collection of quotations than many other apps - in comparison to a few apps, this collection is much smaller. But the quotations included here are more than satisfactory and are characterized into easy to find author and content categories. But, most importantly, the pro app has a "My Quotes" section which allows me to add my own quotations and to categorize these added quotes as well as though already included into categories of my own choosing. Thank you to the developer! Muito bom!

One of my favorite apps This application has some great quotes and a large variety and diverse people to choose only complaint is it's not updated more often with current quotes.

A must have. This is the best Quotes app that I have seen. Over the years, I have tried quite a few, then ended up uninstalling them.

Enrich your life with daily quotes. Been using the free version of this app ever since my earliest android device. Decided to finally buy the app and show my support to the developer :)

The best app for quotes. Only it would be a great feature to have - to be able to hide some quotes, those that you don't like.

Brilliant Quotes Love this app- last couple updates really helped the functionality also Superb!

Almost perfect There some inconviniences in nagavating through the software Fabulous!

Inspiring Great little thing to have, always look forward to the next quote Marvelous


Love it! Backup of favorites would be nice but otherwise perfect! wow lol

Wisdom to start your day right! Love waking up to my quote of the day, the best quote app so far- no complaints. wow lol

One of the best apps I bought Pretty interface. Lots of quotes, very customizable widget. Cool

Brilliant quotes is the best It has such a diversity of types of quotes and quantity. Surprisingly

very good Been using this for years. I've looked it quite a few competing apps and none of them have the features that this one has. I especially like that you can add your own quotes. Also has an extremely versatile widget for displaying your favorite quotations

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