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Fun, but the sounds of the blocks can get a little annoying, maybe add some background music?? :) Works great

I loved it my fsther and in my mobile it was crazy and I hope you also get fun in this game Brilliant

This is the best game in the whole United States of America + the world and the universe this is so awesome Worth a go!

Ads ads ads during play but the 10 millions downloaded game from another provider has no ads during play so this game already uninstalled Great!

A great combination of skill and luck! I got through all 500 levels with 3 stars each before posting this, so they are all doable, if you're persistent enough. Some levels will really challenge you! (Especially the last two!) But then it feels so great when you finish them! Fabulous!

Only one disappointment is the the game freezes up when you trying to catch the ball. Pointless to play if your not going to enjoy. Cool

I like it a lot, but have a problem that you ask for money every time I run out of lives. Lots of fun tho. Great pass time. Not bad

This is a fun game, but I don't like being asked if I want to spend $1.99 to continue all the time and I also would like it more if I could see the ball as it gets nearer to my paddle, without my finger being in the way. Thank you. Worth it!

I used to play in my college day on reminds me those day.nice game.loved it.. Muito bom!

I think that it would be slightly better by allowing the bar to move more freely when you react it does as well! Other than that its pretty alright Just wow

I was having fun playing it. The music is really annoying though. For the first 135 levels or so, I wasn't even aware there was music. It didn't play thank God. But for some reason today when I opened the app, there was music. I didn't like it so I tried to turn the music off. The music turned off but the sound effects did too. But I really like the sound effects. Is there a way to turn the music off but keep the sound effects on? Recommend

The ball always gets stuck in a loop. Should add a function to reset the ball instead of having to reset the level when the ball gets stuck. Brilliant

A great game, however the ball gets stuck far too often and you have to restart the game. 5 star

Fun game, but glitches in higher level impede your ability to play, which is frustrating. Good

Needs to be made such that balls dont get stuck & controller overlaps my phone's softkey, very aggravating. Works perfectly

Sometimes while playing the bar goes away on my Nexus 6p which obviously isn't a good thing. Good

Fun game. Don't why so many people are b*#&hing if your having problems with this game don't play the old-school version. Pretty good

I love this game but when the ball gets stuck between two of the bounce back things (or whatever you call them) it goes on and on and on. It happens waaaaay too often. Wears down your battery and you have to restart the game over and over Superb!

عالیه دستتون درد نکنه بازی خوبیه Perfect

This is exactly (maybe better) than a game I was looking for, the 1st game I played on an 8088 DOS machine, early 80's Fabulous!

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