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I played all 400 levels. The levels don't get progressive difficult as it should. Also the final level is easier than all levels. I just think this game needs some TLC. It's pretty darn entertaining, however. It's essentially a do-nothing machine. Worth it!

Love the game but it shut off on me twice since I started to play on level 24 I hope this doesn't continue otherwise I'll have to remove it please fix this Highly Recommend.

This is the best game out of them good job guys thank you for bringing fun and great things into the world Gob bless Worth it!

I'm far too nostalgic for the original from a decade and a half ago. It's an ok game for what it is... But if the developer implemented a "original" game mode, it would absolutely be a 5 star game. No random power up just because. All power-ups need to happen from bricks. No coins. Being able to move the paddle during the first play. No "bosses". Just, good ole' fashion brick break. 5 stars easily Fantastic

Keep it just the way it is do not jazz it up you will ruin it. Great job instant classic. Flawless

THIS Game appears interesting but more options should be available to change bar Works great

Great, classic brick breaker game with the usual power ups. Ads are unobtrusive, and play between levels so that it doesn't interrupt your game. Not terribly challenging so far, but I'm only a few levels in. Especially love how the game pauses if you lift your finger off the screen! When that happens, you get to choose special power ups that you have accrued. So far haven't needed them, even in the first boss level, but it's nice to know they're there because I'm sure I will be thankful for them when the levels get more challenging. I downloaded a few other games of this type before I found this one & hated them all because I just wanted to reminisce with something more classic. If that's what you're looking for, look no further! wow lol

Great game, but... Why don't you let me give you money so I don't have to deal with the ads. I would give you $10 to take away the ads, instead I'm about to find another game ☹️ Fantastic

Love that its just like the old nes brickbreaker style. You cant go wrong with a classic. Fantastic

Good things to do in new way at every level and levels are easy to clear as mind will not get upset. Great job

Its pretty enjoyable but gets boring after a while does kill time tjo and not that nych use of storage so pretty good Just wow

Stop with the notifications in middle game if they need a boost they should get them without the pause Well done!!

Very good game , if u want the game to be add free just switch off the data/wifi when playing game and voila , no adds . Fantastic

Really really fun and isn't frustrating or super time consuming Also little to no commercials. Great!

I wished it had a different types of music app and different types of specials on different levels and the Graphics could be more like tagged bricks in New York and Chicago. Superb!

Dope game. Just like the one that used to be on black berries. Only new and super inproved. Fantastic

Would be 5 stars instead of 3 if not for the ads. I was even willing to do what was needed to get rid of them, but there's not even that option. love it

i guess ...its kinda bit easy ...cuz if the ball is speed'll be hard to complete the level ...and there should be i guess after you miss the ball once bit more bricks should be added and there should be only three chances to play that level again ...if you failed then u have to restarte it... thank you ..and please update it ... its gonna be fantastic !! Flawless

Great game so far, love it! Screen sometimes bleeps out for a quick second and comes back. We'll see! Cool

I hit the all 400 levels. Need more levels. Pls update. More levels available or not.? Great job

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