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For some reason, mobile game companies have become reluctant to use the MOBA label on competitive multiplayer games, perhaps because there’s some preconceived notions that come with it. So while it’s not surprising that Supercell is avoiding that term for Brawl Stars, that’s essentially what the new game is, albeit done up in the company’s own trademark style.For some reason, mobile game companies have become reluctant to use the MOBA label on competitive multiplayer games, perhaps because there’s some preconceived notions that come with it. So while it’s not surprising that Supercell is avoiding that term for Brawl Stars, that’s essentially what the new game is, albeit done up in the company’s own trademark style.

Introduced today with a live stream that featured a number of YouTube personalities and one squad of Supercell employees, Brawl Stars isn’t hard to grasp. It’s live 3v3 between teams of characters called Brawlers, played vertically so it’s a natural for smartphones and tablets. While the game will feature several game modes, the one that was showcased is called Smash & Grab, where the team to grab 10 gems from a mine that spawns them in the middle of the map and control them for a certain amount of time wins. Killing a player holding gems will scatter them over the map for other players to pick up, leading to some fun come from behind potential.

It sounds like there will be 12 Brawlers at launch, each with their own unique ability and Super, the latter activated by a large skull button at the bottom of the screen. Multiple control schemes are in the game, including a virtual stick and button combo. There are several maps for each game mode, which should help keep things fresh.

Another thing we learned from watching the initial live stream is that characters auto-regenerate when completely out of combat so there’s no need to run all the way back to your own base in standard MOBA style. And there’s no friendly fire, so you can activate abilities without worrying that you’ll affect your teammates. The graphics and UI feel very familiar to anyone who’s played previous Supercell games, which means pretty much everyone.

Obviously, Supercell feels like the present and near future of mobile gaming is in live PvP, and considering how successful it’s been with Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is the next logical step. Even using a double elimination tournament to reveal the game, complete with two commentators, suggests that it has big plans for competitive play right out of the gate.

The stream ended without giving any details on when the game might be available (to the dismay of many of the commenters in the YouTube chat), but it’s expected to be available in Canada for soft launch first. So Canucks, get ready to brawl, and if anyone asks, this is definitely a MOBA, even if Supercell never uses that word.

Balance Changes:
Dynamike - Super damage increased from 400 to 500.
Dynamike's ultimate was a little underwhelming doing only slightly more damage than his main attack (increased in last update).
Bo - Health increased from 800 to 900. Bo is getting stronger!
This health increase should bring him closer to becoming a ranged-tank.
Jessie - Main attack damage reduced from 160 to 140.
Jessie was one of the strongest characters in high-trophy games.
Nita - Reload time increased from 1.0s to 1.25s
Nita was too quick!
Spike - Health decreased from 700 to 600.
Spike was very strong in high-trophy games. He was a bit too much of a tank for the amount of damage he did.
Other Changes

Coin Boost now costs 20 gems (from 50)
New Maps!
Smash & Grab
Changes to event rotation to include more Bounty (and new maps)

For those waiting for Android release news, you'll have to wait a little longer as one of the Brawl Stars team stated, "No updates on the Android front. We will definitely keep everybody in the loop as soon as we have some news to share!" Be patient, kids. It's only just in soft launch in Canada, so there's still plenty of time.

Three reasons why 'Brawl Stars' will be hot:

1.It is a fresh Game:
With “Brawl Stars,” it is also likely to experience such momentum in the mobile game industry. What is even interesting is the fact that it neither falls in the MOBA nor the shooter category. Simply put, this is a new game with a new gameplay experience to offer. Judging by the way players respond to newer titles, this game from Supercell will definitely make it to the top.

2.Online competition is a trend:
Online games have quickly conquered the world of video gaming. Almost all titles nowadays are developed with an online feature or play. It is a trend that most game developers would want to be a part.
“Brawl Stars,” in particular, falls into this category, too.
In addition, the aforementioned game has faster paced action compared to “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans.” The characters, or Brawlers, are far more immediate and faster. The matches are even more thrilling, with the added element of a real action-game.

It has co-op multiplayer feature:
Both “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale” allow players to fight other players, but they only do that with a single opponent. They are basically a two-player game. In “Brawl Stars,” however, the gameplay is not limited to two opponents fighting each other. Players get to fight other players in a much wider and more interesting arena. Simply put, the more players the better.
The new mobile game offers a great number of involved players. There is even a broader selection of characters that players can choose from. These very elements are without a doubt reasons why “Brawl Stars” can become a huge success in the market. It is a free-for-all game, after all.

Brawl Stars is soft launched in Canada right now, and is incredibly easy to download following our guide. As great as Brawl Stars is, we've seen a lot of complaints around the game, which you see a lot in the world of MOBAs: "I always lose because my teammates are idiots."

And, well, that's usually true. MOBAs are intensely skill-based games, and Brawl Stars is no different. Playing your character well, having your team play their characters well, and knowing how to deal with whatever characters the enemy team is playing are key to victory. Being soft launched, the matchmaking pool seems to be super tiny resulting in many games which ... aren't matched that well. I've played games against a team of three rare characters with two teammates who I suspect were on their very first Brawl Stars match. It's annoying, and if you lose enough like this it'll really spoil the game.

So how do you fix this? Well, the solution is obvious: Play with people you know. You can totally rule out clueless newbies from the equation by forming a team of three and wrecking anyone you come across. Where do you find people to play Brawl Stars with? Join our Discord server!. We've got a super-active Brawl Stars channel with people always throwing out invite codes to join their game lobby. The win streaks I've had playing with TouchArcade people is seriously borderline unbelievable.

It makes such a difference when you team up with people and actually form a cohesive strategy with characters that make a well-rounded team. Better yet, right now it seems as if the matchmaking doesn't prioritize matching premade groups with other premade groups, like most MOBAs do, so with even the smallest amount of coordination and communication you can just steamroll the enemy team.

I suspect once the game launches globally, racking up wins this way won't be anywhere near as effective, but for now, it's silly how well grouping up works. Particularly considering it seems very unlikely that Supercell will reset progress when the game is launched worldwide, so winning a bunch, raking in a ton of coins, and soaking up bundles of elixir and character unlocks is going to be a great way to get ahead.

the ios version of brawl stars can be installed in canada apple store, the apk, as we know, we have to wait it's android version release

While people from outside Canada can still try out Brawl Stars before its eventual worldwide release, there are numerous questions as to when the game will finally reach global App Stores. As of now, Supercell have remained tight-lipped as to how long we can expect Brawl Stars to be in soft launch for, however if Clash Royale is anything to go by, we'll probably we waiting until September for the final version to release.

Brawl Stars Android APK New Supercell Game: can it change the world after clash of clan, clash royale, even the Hay day. Brawl Stars now can be played only on Canada ios store. we are sure it will release android version in a few days.

Base Stats: HP: 800 | Attack: 80 Damage per Shell | Super: 80 Damage per shell
Description: You’re starting Pokemo… I mean Brawler, Shelly is a balanced range attacker with decent HP (800) and a long-range shotgun attack that has a decent spread.
What’s good about Shelly: Because her basic and super attack both have spread, you don’t need to be particularly good at aiming to deal damage with Shelly. Just point (or drag) to the direction of the enemy and blast away!
How to use Shelly’s Super ability: Shelly’s Super ability is essentially a bigger version of her normal attack, with the added bonus of clearing out the bushes so that enemies hiding in them will be exposed. To get the most out of Shelly’s Super, try to use the blast during team fights with more than one enemy within the blast radius, rather than blowing it on one-on-one situations.
How to play against Shelly: While Shelly is good at most things, she’s not great at anything. Some Brawlers can out-range her with normal attacks, while others higher HP units can out-trade hits with her up close. Play to your Brawler’s strength against Shelly, and avoid staying too close to your teammates when her Super Shell is ready.

Base Stats: HP: 600 | Attack: 80 Damage per Bullet | Super: 80 Damage per Bullet
Description: Colt is a long-ranged gunner that can dish out rapid damage very quickly. However, he is also one of the most fragile characters in the game at only 600 HP.
What’s good about Colt: Range! Colt’s basic and Super attack has one of the longest range in the game, allowing you to somewhat comfortably fire away while keeping your distance from your enemies. As each basic attack fires away several bullets, damage against enemies can rack up quickly if you’re able to land all your shots.
How to use Colt’s Super ability: Just like Shelley, Colt’s Super attack is basically a buffed-up version of his normal attack. The catch is that since you’ll be firing more bullets for a longer duration, you’ll actually want to keep your character moving while your Super is activated (League of Legends players will instantly think of Lucian’s R attack as a comparison). Try to lure your enemy to move in a linear fashion (ie. straight towards you), and keep track of their movements while you blast away.
How to play against Colt: Colt’s shot are all linear, so try to deke left and right (rather than forward and backward) to avoid his shots. Once you’re within range of hitting him, you should be able to take him down 1-on-1. Colt players know they’re flimsy, and will try to fire away from the back line while his higher-HP teammates engage you. Try to prioritize your attacks on Colt, as he’ll go down a lot quicker than most other characters.

Base Stats: HP: 700 | Attack: 140 Damage | Super: 60 Damage, 700 Health
Description: Jessie is pretty much Torbjorn from Overwatch. She can build a turret that auto-fires at your enemies with the Super ability. Oh, and her basic attack can chain up to 3 targets if they successfully land.
What’s good about Jessie: The turret! Who doesn’t like to have a turret that can take hits and fire away at your opponent? Also, while Jessie’s basic attack is slow and easy to dodge, it is effective against enemies that are grouped up, and VERY effective against stationary/easy-to-hit targets such as the TNT boxes in Heist stages, power-up crates in Showdown stages, and Nita’s Big Baby Bear.
How to use Jessie’s Super ability: Avoid putting down the turret in an open location as enemies will be able to blast away at it with ease. Try to place the turret behind a hard wall cover; while this may block some of its trajectory, it will also make it much harder for your opponent to get rid of it. If you’re pre-empting an enemy invasion, place the turret in the bushes to catch them off guard. If you’re on the run from an enemy, place the turret AWAY from your rather than immediately behind you for some added distraction.
How to play against Jessie: As mentioned, Jessie’s normal shots are relatively easy to avoid, so just be patient as she fires away and move in for the kill. Avoiding her shots is also key for preventing her from charging up her Super ability – so if you don’t want to see more turrets, then don’t let her hit you! Also remember that her shot bounces off whatever target it hits, so try to stay away from your teammates/targets when she’s on the attack.

Base Stats: HP: 800 | Attack: 160 Damage | Super: 100 Damage, 1200 Health
Description: Clearly “inspired” by League of Legend’s Annie (Annie + Nita = Anita, get it?), Nita is a balanced attacker than can summon an attacking bear called Big Baby Bear. Her normal attack is linear shockwave that damages anything in its relatively-short path.
What’s good about Nita: The Bear! While BBB doesn’t possess the smartest AI, its high HP will help absorb A LOT of damage. And it’s not like your opponent can just ignore the BBB as it’ll attack anything in its path!
How to use Nita’s Super ability: Keep in mind that BBB has no range, so if you summon it far away from your opponent, it’ll probably get blasted down before even laying a claw on anyone. Try to catch your opponent by surprise when deploying BBB, like when you’re being pursued by an attacker or when you’re behind a bush. Instead of using it as a killing machine, it’s often best to hold onto BBB until you need him on defense, especially during the final seconds of Smash & Grab stages. If your BBB does a good job, your Super meter will charge up again very quickly, allowing you to deploy a full health BBB again in no time!
How to play against Nita: Nita’s normal attack does decent damage, but is linear and limited range. Try to snipe away at Nita from afar if you have the range advantage. When Nita deploys BBB, don’t panic, and don’t immediately waste all your bullets blasting away at the bear as you’ll quickly run out of ammo and leave yourself open to an attack from your opponent. Temporarily retreat (unless you absolutely must go on the attack) and take your time to blast away at the bear from a distance while it tries to chase you down.

I saw this requested for somewhere so I'm giving it a shot. Since the game has barely been out a day this list won't be perfect, and I personally haven't played VS all the characters. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be fixed. The earlier you make a tier list in a game, the more likely things are to be wrong/things are to move.

S Tier
El Primo (Tank) - Really tanky and can use his special to deal massive damage and escape when low on hp. Really hard to run away from him Barley (Mixed) - Great control character. Throw his attack into the center to stop enemies from getting gems and his special is absolutely insane damage-wise

A Tier
Nita (Mixed) - A very well rounded character. Good in defense with her bear to tank, good on offense with her bear to attack. In a direct confrontation without specials Nita will usually lose, but that rarely happens.
Jessie (Mixed) - More of a defensive characters. Her stationary gun is really annoying to deal with and she can get a decent bit of damage off shooting enemies. Poco (Support) - His normal attack is extremely simple to use and almost always hits. Hard to 1v1, only easy way to kill him is taking him on as a team Shelly (Support) - Pretty basic character. Her gun is really good (requires little aim) and her special is average. She can work well as support, no real flaws

B Tier
Colt (Support) - Long Range, great special, only reason he's not A is that his attack is narrow and easy to dodge.
Dynamike (Support) - While he's good support, he can't do much by himself. His best use is hiding behind a wall and chucking dynamite at opponents. In a direct confrontation he pretty much only wins if he has his special active. Can be annoying to deal with

C Tier
Bull (Tank) - His special is complete garbage, and his gun has horrid range. El Primo is a tank that completely outclasses him. You are unlucky to pull him from a chest

Dynamike and Barley are both sub classes that help with spacing out the enemy team. Kinda like Bull and El Primo being tanks. Dynamike however does more damage (with his usual attacks) and his special attack helps with breaking up any grouping (or perhaps even blowing away a El Primo. Barley on the other hand has a attack that lands in similar animation to Dynamike but once the attack lands, some substance is still on the flor dealing damage. As for his Special Attack, it's a straight up a.o.e barrage of flying liquor bombs.

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