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Fun game The game is pretty straight forward. You are given a set of letters and you have to guess the word. The problem is that some sets of letters can make different words but the game only has one answet (e.g. TMIE can make 'time', 'mite' or 'item'. But the game will only take 'time'). Still fun to play. Well done!!

Excellent work Great Application for beginner. Also good for vocabulary improvement. Great job.!! Great job

Addicting... I like this game because it challenges my brain . I didn't realize before playing this game how many words you can make from certain, and few, letters. Keeps me thinking. I especially love it when I'm having trouble sleeping it works my brain enough to put me right to sleep :-) Must have

Wow..! Very Challenging & Interesting... I can't stop my thumb to solve the puzzle. love it

This is a Brain Quiz and This is a Killer Game. Addictive, Nice Graphics, Great Work. Works great

Awesome game ever This game is really to much awesome game..when game gone fast my mind also going fast..good game for mind power..mind blowing work..keep it up and also make other game like this.. Fantastic

Ashwin Rathore The king of the world and the king of the world and the king of the United States and the king of the earth Pretty good

Mind blowing game..just awesome work.. This game is really awesome connect to your mind..marvelous game..appreciate your work..keep it up..thanks for making this type of game..

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