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Great app for keeping track of studying and break time. I couldn't figure out how to change to different categories I made. Besides for that it's a useful app that does what its supposed to. Good

This is a great timer/Pomodoro app. It allows you to edit categories, create tasks within each category, log distraction times, log work manually, and it provides useful statistics for work performed. There are some issues, for example: when the timer is used, logged work starts from the minute the timer ends and continues into the future for the timer's duration. Also, distractions aren't logged, only accounted for, which is confusing when attempting to manually edit times logged by the timer. Overall it's a good app, and I would recommend. I deleted to find something that better suits my needs. Perfect

I loved this app during my studies, really really good interface, no problem whatsoever. I came back to it after a year or so: set up my usual 25-5 schedule, and got to work. For some reason the timer went off after roughly 20 mins. And it has happened two or three times already. Any idea what might cause this? Edit after support from Alexis: turns out my phone had gone through an update recently that had reset all power management settings for apps. Once that was fixed the app worked again like a charm! TL:DR Amazing app with great interface and even better support from developer! Marvelous

This app is simple to use. Unfortunately, it seems to drain alot of battery even though it essentially works like a timer. I'm not sure why this is the case? Fantastic

I absolutely love Brilliant

I like the app in general but it drains the charge way too fast and thats a big minus Great!

Best pomodoro app I've tried (and I've tried lots of them). Lots of customization and intuitive design. I decided to buy the app to support the developer just a couple of hours into using it. love it

I just love this focus intent app, works well in my trouble area of studies, focus driven, Must have

The BEST pomodoro app that I've tried so far. Kudos to the app developer. He deserves a 5 star. Amazing!

I absolutely loved this app. It makes the Pomodoro system so much easier. Highly recommend it! Good

Awesome app. The amount of customization available is awesome. One don't need to stick to 25-5 option. My sweet spot is 24-7 and the option to change after how many short promodoro I want to take break, is really good. Love it. Already bought the pro feature. :-D Muito bom!

Thank you so much! The app is very intuitive to use and well made in its structure. Clever features, like the one disabling sound during the work session. Pretty much everything can be customised, while staying simple. Given my poor concentration skills, I've tries several apps and I can say this one's the best so far! 10/10 ☺️ Amazing!

Brilliant app. I have pro but can't seem to use my own alarm tones. I have used many apps and this seems to be the best, but with a few extras, can be amazing. Also, some options aren't clear in their function. Please add elaboration. Great job

It is great that it allows for complete customization of work and break times, as well as setting sessions. Also, great that it allows you to begin with either a break or work session. Terrific and very useful and adaptable app. Worth it!

Tried several apps with similar features and this is by far the best! Really helped me to increase productivity. Love it!!! Well done!!

Awesome application for me particularly for my studies..Helps me focus on my goals and increase productivity... Just wow

Absolutely love it! Tried a few apps before, this ones the best! Immediately went pro after looking through the features. Fantastic! 5 star

I've tried almost all pomodro apps in the store, each one has a it's own flow. However this app is yet to be the best so far, and it would be the most complete app (IMHO) If you could make an option to select notification sound channel (Alarm, Media, Notification), I can't count how many times I've lost the notification because I had the system's media sound off. Great!

So here is where I eat my words. I got an email back immediately I restarted my phone and it works marvelously. I cannot believe how quick I cannot believe how quick they awesome app awesome company and thank you. At first I love this app and then I went pro and now every time I get a text message it goes back to zero and of course there's no number to contact anybody with so now after I paid it the app is useless 5 star

It is all good but with one issue - you can not edit or even see the break time details. So, if by mistake you pressed break then it will count it. So, please include this feature also similar to details of all sessions. Marvelous

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