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This is a solid email app. Works well with all my accounts, including my personal domain. My only complaint is that the search function is weird. It usually finds things I'm not looking for and often misses things I am looking for. Fabulous!

Works better than alternatives but some flaws are glaring. Does not support S9 keyboard and calendar does not auto sync. Sometimes gets out of sync with large number of items. Marvelous

I use it to read and post exchange mail, easy to set up and use! Well worth testing for your email account Surprisingly

Downgraded to 3 Stars. It says I cannot send an email with 3 small pictures because it is too large. The basic email that came with the phone does just fine. Editing the calendar is also not so good. Getting ready to drop it if it does not improve. Flawless

Worked well until about a week ago, now I can't open 1 email without it freezing Worth it!

Excellent email program. Able to link my work exchange, yahoo and gmx all in one app. Nothing else like it. Great!

A good mail application. It's fast and works well with a variety of account types. Fabulous!

This app does bring together my email accounts and calendars into one place but recently its performance has been slowing down and crashing too frequently. Might have to drop the rating and switch if not back to full performance soon... Brilliant

Fast, easy to use, clean and simple look. I like it. My only two dislikes are that it doesn't sort emails by day (e.g. "Today", "Yesterday", "Two Days Ago", etc.), and you can't have an HTML signature (not that I'm aware of). love it

Works well most of the time. Had a could of issues when it would not synch with the server and had to delete the account and install again Pretty good

Latest version and the one before have issues with send button disappearing... Have to force stop the app to fix the issue... Cool

It's working okay for me, so I'll not install this update, too many bad reviews! Cool

Best app that I have used so far after alto mail. Have room for some layout improvements . Like reducing spaces between mails etc , better fonts etc . Fantastic

This new forced passcode thing has to go. My phone is already secured with a fingerprint and a PIN. Previously, this was enough. Since the last Boxer update, I'm now being forced to set and use a separate PIN every time I launch the app. This is redundant and just plain inconvenient, especially when trying to do a quick reply from the notification. The app worked better when it was given Device Administrator rights. I shouldn't have to enter a separate PIN just for email after I've already used a PIN or fingerprint to unlock my phone. wow lol

Simple and quite useful. Sync simultanously with my outlook mail. But it comes with rather bit weak Calendar. Highly Recommend.

I love this app! I would like it to have an option of '1 hour' for password prompt as I have a company device administrator to control the app and it keeps asking me for the app password every 15 mins which gets annoying! Please help :) Cool

Using with IMAP, Gmail and two O365 accounts. Everything works as advertised. Great app! Fantastic

Moved from Outlook to this. Love it. Love how you can customize 4 quick swipes. So great. Works perfectly

I dont see how to download attachement? Am i miss? the way i'm using mi android one. Omg

Good app for work mails as advised by my IT. Will be good to have finger print or face unlock compatible made available for Android as well similar to that of iOS. The mail view needs to be automatically adjusted to the screen to make viewing and reading experience better. 5 star rating post the above two changes! Enjoy it!

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