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Such an addicting game! The characters are funny and their different weapons are awesome! This is the best throwing game I've played. It's funny and fun! The graphics are pretty good too. I highly recommend it! Just like most games, the only downside is all the annoying ads. I wish games didn't have ads. Pretty good

I don't mind the ads most of the time, but there is an annoying malware kind of ad that randomly opens your browser to a fake virus warning page as long as the game is open, even in the background. Shame since it's otherwise not a bad game. Must have

It's a good and fun game, however, not too long after I got it, it sent me to a virus page. Luckly I restarted my phone and it went away. Works perfectly

Anyone who has this game will like it very much. I got all the characters that you have to pay with coins, but later on, you made an update on apple. Its been days since you updated on android. I really want the new characters, but I still like this game tbh. Amazing!

Fun game, very entertaining. Ads pop up too often, it opens my browser saying i have a virus. I cant avoid it and it happens very often. Im only keeping the app bc i hope the next update fixes this issue. Other than the stupid pop up its a great game and i enjoy it. Please fix it so i dont have to uninstall. Flawless

This game is ok. Online PvP is broke. Each match ends with opponent quitting. This is a really easy fix don't let opponents quick. If an opponent believes in Arena let the game continue as if the appointment was still there. I would have given this game a higher rating if this obvious flaw wasn't in it but I really hate when game developers don't bother to fix the easy stuff. Just wow

It is a great game. Its addictive. But when you unlock all the characters the game is getting boring. And all the money is useless. There are no upgrades or other characters to buy. I think you should update your game and add some skills to upgrade or something. Worth it!

This game is a bit laggy but still love this game tho... Me and my brother play it together its my first time so I need tips to this game I'm playing this for a week now and I'm getting better the lagginess is getting away I hate when my bro disturbs me but I still focus on my studies Well done!!

Ads. I accidentally pressed an ad and it led me to a site that showed me a notification on my phone, and started speaking on its own, I immediatly tried to get out of the site, so I pressed the home button. It did not work until my 3rd try, so then i disabled the app that had that link on it. Ads are trash. Muito bom!

It was good at first, UT got repetitive. There is many characters to unlock, which is the best part of the game, but you can only unlock a certain amount of them without making a purchase, or doing the chest roulette, which you almost never get a character. Perfect

I love this game and I would love to continue playing this game but I sadly cannot continue playing a game when I get "ads" while I'm mid game and the middke of aiming. I say "ads" because it not a normal ad, what it does is take me out of the game and to my browser and gives me a page saying I have a ton of virus on my phone. What's even worse is even after I close my browser and go back to the game it will continue to do this over and over again and i know its nit my phone because it will only do this while I'm in the middle of playing this game. If this problems could be looked into that would be fantastic because I really do enjoy this game a lot. Awesome

My sons had this downloaded first and I got hooked watching them play. It takes some thought getting the angles right. It's addicting. I try everyday to get a new character. Lol! Pretty good

The game is great but can you please fix the issue where it will open a new tab and say a virus is on my phone it gets really annoying when I'm trying to play online in the game and offline in the game Marvelous

This game is fun but is gives you ads while playing and also sends you to fake virus links, not cool I want to play and not have to worry about my phone. Fix please. love it

The game is awesome but every time I throw then hit a person it pops my browser up then I have to back out and resume game hope the bug gets fixed great game and would love to play it without it doing that Cool

I wish I can give it 5 stars but it's the annoying advertising they have every 30 seconds I can't enjoy the fight without an ad taking me out of the game to look at something pointless. But the game is fun and silly just remove the ads Awesome

I don't usually leave reviews for games but for this one I had to. Don't get me wrong, I love this game but holy ads. Literally after practically every throw or anything an ad pops up. This game is really fun but the ads make it unplayable. Miniclip plz fix the over flow of ads. Sure there can be a couple here and there or after every GAME but not every throw. That's just cheap and idiotic for a fun game like this Cool

The ads ruin the game. I understand you have to have ads but don't run them in the middle of game play. It screws up turns. Highly Recommend.

TOO MANY ADS! Keeps popping up in my browser that my phone is in dansger. At least have regular video ads... Worth it!

like for example the shark goes down and that it shows to much violence and maybe kids are playing the game and it shows a bad experience and example Recommend

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