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Good game for killing some time if you are bored with nothing to do, or you are on a long trip. Highly Recommend.

I like this game. But its camera is rotating very fast. But pls download this game. This is very fantastic game. Perfect

Good game ..... but sometimes tough levels are there and they are giving 40 sec only that thing is wrong... but game is nice..... Perfect

This game is OK .Actually we don't feel real shooting.when a player plays a game then he assume that the shooting should be real.The trigger and the focus controllers are different here. Marvelous

It's not as fun or as good as I thought it would be at first but it's a pretty ok shooting game for just passing up time I geuss... Superb!

Hi, I am Amaan Ismail here. These game are best for me and all of users, to download these kind of games by play store. Surprisingly

Very good shooting game and interesting and cool.Download and be a good shooter. Fantastic

If you get TO see in longer than expected that day I will talk to you tomorrow Works perfectly

It is an amazing game.i loved the concept which is apply in game. its graphic are osum .And overall game is amazing. Worth a go!

It's really good.if I play another one I do not like it.but this game is amazing and it's last level it is fantastic Good

Too much adds and hanging too much, so that I give 3 star. I hope you will be resolved this issue as soon as possible. Then I give you 5 stars Marvelous

Good game Yarr best weapons and best graphics and good game for my apple ipad love it

Love it so much so dam awesome keep up the great work love you for making a game like this.respect Great!

Placing the gun on the target is irritating, just don't want to go were I want it to go Well done!!

I love this game because because I love this game I think so that its controller very nice and and I hate this game because this is hated game in the world I think that this game I hate this game never play this game if you will put this game on your mobile we will come and meet at your home this game in your mobile we will come at your home and beat you never play this game Highly Recommend.

Its nice but they don't show that how much coins we won so becoz of that we can't purchase any other gun . For me only that is a problem . Worth it!

It's fun but the controls are a little wird but other then that and the adds the game is fun. Great!

Still now i have just gone through just two overall graphics game is good Pretty good

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I just started the game @ I'm enjoying it slot I will let you know more in the game if I'm not happy. Worth it!

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