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I have only used it for a couple of hours. Getting the volume right. I am hearing sounds I have not heard before. I can listen to the TV and talk to my family. I have been using headphones, so shut out of any conversation with them on. I will need to adjust to them to get best use. More later this month, but so far so good. Awesome

App is effective and easy to use with hear phones. Hear phones may offer a highly cost effective improvement in mild to moderate hearing loss. Well done!!

I have to "agree" to sharing my location in addition for me to use the app?! Why complicating things? Go well

I am pleasantly surprised by how well these actually work still creating custom environment settings love them! Works perfectly

Can't beat Bose. Use it for meetings, answering phone and listening to Pandora. Have the app on my phone and tablet both. Just need bluetooth. Omg

The Hearphones work surprisingly well and for me, make a big difference in noisy restaurants and pubs. The app does exactly what's needed. The Hearphones are also great as noise cancellers, and for music. Marvelous

So helpful when listening in challenging environments. I can tune precisely the volume for conversations in noisy places! Love it! Cool

I've spent many thousands on custom fitted BICROS hearing aids. I like hearphones with this app better, so far. I expect it will take time to optimize the settings, but the first read is a strong positive. Perfect

Great app for the HEARPHONES . don't try it on a regular Bose headphones. It will be awesome if an equalizer is added and support for smartwatches. Worth it!

*Only works with Bose Hearphones* you have to buy Hearphones from a approved bose store after sitting through a demo before purchase. Don't trust the bad reviews on here from individuals who clearly couldn't take the time to read the description before writing the review. The app works fine. Most folks on here didn't bother reading the description before reviewing. It will not work on anything other than Bose Hearphones. I will admit I did mistake the quiet control 30s as the Hearphones but the Hearphones have a brown color on the earbuds. Works perfectly

As someone previously stated, a lot of the negative feedback on this app is because people are attempting to use headphones OTHER THAN THE INTENDED Bose Hearphones, which the app CLEARLY says it is designed for. Other headphones, whether that be the Apple Pods, the Bose QC35. QC30 etc, or Beats, WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS APP. This app is designed specifically for the Hearphones. It works spectacularly for those with some degree of hearing loss when they are watching tv or in a loud public space it makes it easier for them to participate in conversation or listen to their TV at a NORMAL listening volume so they don't disrupt others. Both the product and the app work smoothly together. Do research, or at least make sure you're using the app with the correct hardware before you guys write future reviews that hold no value towards the products you are reviewing. Good

It looks like most of the negative reviews here are because people are not using the HearPhones with it, rather, they are trying to connect other Bose headphones. I have the HearPhones (only on the market a week) and this app works wonderful with them. I have difficulty hearing in crowded places as well as the TV. I have lost most of the high frequency tones and these HearPhones in conjunction with the brings it all back. I have set up several customized scenarios (like the suggested listening to music, watching TV, one-on-one conversation and group conversations). No longer am I blasting my poor wife out of the living room with the volume. I was able to set the TV to a normal level, up the "World Noise" and treble and voices became crystal clear from the TV. Also, we went out to eat this weekend. Usually I resign to a typical "nod and smile" as I have no idea what others are saying. But switched into focused conversation mode and dropping the world noise, it was amazing. It seems like the first time in about 15 years I have been able to participate in a loud environment. Note that my hearing loss is not bad enough to warrant hearing aids - but getting there. Worth a go!

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