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This app is perfect for what it is, which is a way to control your Bose items and to update the products as needed. Since this isn't the listening device itself I won't review the product it's controlling here. I especially love how I can disconnect my headphones from my second device easily. It really helps save battery on the device I'm not using. I rarely use the selective noise cancelling but I love that it's there. Just don't expect to gain new functionality with this app unless an update to your product adds something. Worth it!

The app is great with regards to the headset usage. Shows you the battery and the music that's currently playing. My only problem is the intermittent nature of the heart rate sensor. It doesn't always work and if I am paying $200 for something, I want it to work perfectly. Amazing!

Great app with room for improvements. (1) It's practical to get a name-prompt when you connect or loose connection to a device, but it would be great to be able rename connected devices to a friendly name. It's a little bit tiresome to hear the long computer-name of the work-pc (not possible to change in pc due to no administrative rights). (2) Would be nice to have option to disable voicepromt when in phone call. (3) Would also be nice to have a faster access to connect/disconnect devices without opening the app, maybe a widget or something similar to "Samsung Quick Connect" in the notification panel. Great job

The app deserves a 5 star cos of these 2 reasons: 1. I can turn on my Bose Soundlink revolve plus using this app. So, even if my speaker is far away from me, I can turn it on from the app and start jamming my music right away... 2. Provides you quick information about your device viz volume level, battery percentage and connections. You can also easily edit your Bluetooth connections. Great job

It's really easy to use and very simplistic but that's a good thing. Everything is neatly setup without hassle or confusion. It automatically connects to my speaker once I turn it on and use Bluetooth. Gotta say great app and highly optimized on my phone. Cool

The app is pretty good and does what it should. I would like to see the app not get disconnected so much when not on screen. But maybe why? May take up battery which would not be good. Muito bom!

Would be better if you could have more granular control of the voice prompts. Incoming call prompts are distracting when on a call already 5 star

The only annoyance is during calls only one earbud works, I hate that. I'm would like to be able to hear through both ear buds, that's how all other Bluetooth works ! Can that be fixed or adjusted? Good

It's pretty great for a free app for Bose products. Works perfectly. Connectivity and everything. Love the interface. It's easy to use and elegant in its simplicity. The FAQ section was actually really useful too. The app has already made using my headphones much much easier. Just wish there were more things you could do with the app. Surprise us Bose Cool

It's a lil awkward but I personally. Love the fact i know what's going on with my product hella cool! Enjoy it!

It's a really good application but could you please make the app configurable with google fit as well... That would be really helpful and then the app could be marked as perfect... Thank you! Fabulous!

While my headphones connect to my phone, I cannot control my music player through the app, and so the buttons om my QC II are rendered useless half the time because the app cannot find my music and I have no playback control. Please fix this. Amazing!

I don't use this app very often but it is a nice way to clear out stored links in your headphones etc. I use it with my AE2 and SoundSport headphones, and Solo 5 soundbar. My phone is a Sony XZ1C. One thing to point out: in Android, if an app wants to access Bluetooth LE or WiFi connections, it needs location permission. This is because it is possible to determine a device's location through nearby BLE or WiFi devices. There are online services that apps can use to look up last known locations of Bluetooth or WiFi, even if you aren't connected to them but merely scanning for all connections. This is a change that was made in Android to respect your privacy. It is not possible to guarantee an app cannot get your location data if it also has access to BLE or WiFi. AFAIK, this app doesn't actually use your location. Works great

I sent a message to your tech support about no volume control on my headphones. I received one reply about troubleshooting my problem, but before the solution/s could be offered, you asked me for information of an alphanumeric code on the right bud of my headphones and my details of the purchase, which i did supply. I have never heard anything back. It has been over two(2) weeks now. Your tech support does not exist. If you can not endorse your own product, then nor will I endorse your lack of a product. love it

I like the app and love the buds. Still won't wear while jogging because the connection consistently drops. Still have my wired Bose to back me up Must have

It connects to my android phone but I have to log out and back into the device in order to hear music or video. A real pain in the behind to do this every time. I wish Bose would correct this problem Highly Recommend.

Even after the update the app is not able to detect the connection even when my phone and the QC 30 are connected. And the new logo looks crappy! Fantastic

It's a basic app. No personal EQ or any other add ons that would bring your Bose product better. Guys, stay away from the sound sport free. Horrible Bluetooth connectivity, and I use a Samsung S8. Cool

works great my only concern is having to turn my location on as well just to connect to the app (drains battery) while im connected via bluetooth but other than that i find it responsive useful and helpful! Works perfectly

A Good stable App. Could be further improved by adding separate volume controls for connected devices when in Party or Stereo mode. As others have mentioned, an EQ would also be a bonus. Surprisingly

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